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Conversations With The Gods’; Who Said It’s Not Possible? Meet Sanelisiwe Tsakani Muyambo

Writing is not a job for me; hence I could never consider it as work. Writing is my life, so obviously I would choose living “writing” over everything else that I do.

Tsakani Muyambo
Tsakani Muyambo

Form getting 8/25 in her first A Level Literature writing assignment to being a published author, if the world speaks about people who never gave up on their dreams, Tsakani Sanelisiwe Muyambo is not an exception.

Conversations with the GODS
Conversations with the GODS

Tsakani Muyambo (Tsonga Mukololo) launched her first book last Saturday titled Conversations with the GODS, at Déjà vu Bulawayo. The occasion was graced by highly profiled candidates from all walks of life. Tsakani has been making waves on social media about this special anthology of hers. She even went on to do a few poems that are circulating on social media.

However we would love to know who this fire spitting talented is. Behind that powerful poetic voice lays a woman who has to be known for who she is and what she believes in. Our Lifestyle and travel editor Charmaine Mudau (CM) had the privilege to attend the book launch and had a few questions to throw at this talented soul. Meet Tsakani Sanelisiwe Muyambo (TM)

Tsakani Muyambo
Tsakani Muyambo

CM: Tell us in brief about yourself?                                                        

TM: I turned 25 yesterday (Friday 11 May), so I’m really excited about that. I am an artistic therapist, and what that simply means is that I use art as a form of healing not only myself but everyone who comes to me seeking Psychological advice.

I am a holder of a BSc Hons degree which I obtained from that “Ghetto University”, MSU in 2016. Poetry is my choice of art, however, I am not your usual cup of coffee type of poet, I am a dark poet and that is why most, if not all of my work is rudely unapologetic. My father is a writer, he taught me how to spit verses, and it was love at first utterance! I write with the hope of healing the world one word at a time.

CM: Born in a family of a creative, your father being a published author and your mother being a certified editor. How has that shaped your life?

TM: Like I said before, my father is a writer; he is the one who actually inspired me to write. My mother is an editor so correcting manuscripts has been something I was exposed to at a young age and I was fascinated by their love of words so much I became sapiosexual until I penned this down.

CM: Tell us in brief about your anthology?

TM: Like all other anthologies it’s about my life, but I chose to do it in a different form of style from what we’re used to, this is a poetic memoir and it’s the first of its kind. It tells my life story, there are so many things that I have gone through and some of those things broke me to a point where I was left mentally unstable because I did not know how to deal with them. This anthology is dedicated to women, who will, have and know someone who has suffered from any of the things mentioned in the book. This anthology celebrates the strength of women.

CM: Which is your favorite piece in the anthology and why?

TM: My favorite is “He left”, it talks about the point in my life where I hit rock bottom and for a very long time I thought my life was done for until I was reminded of how God will always make you hit rock bottom to remind you that He is the rock at the bottom and I had to learn that life lesson first, before I could receive all of my blessings in every point of my life but mostly in love

CM: What inspired you to write those poems?

TM: I listened to the stories of the many people I came into contact with and I realized that a lot of women were suffering from struggles and pains I had overcome. I dried my tears through poetry and I knew the best way to play my part in this world and definitely use my form of therapy to help because we all go through things that affect us was poetry.

CM:  Why that specific title?

TM: The choice of the book tittle was inspired by the fact that the book is a memoir which is also gives an explanation on the birth of Hip-hop music. In the world of Hip-hop, those who are considered to be the best are referred to as “Gods”, this book however shows four different women who are in Hip-hop music but are more of poets about the struggles faced by women and thus supports the notion that poets are the real Gods because poetry birthed Hip-hop.

CM: Apart from writing what do you do?

TM: Well in terms of writing I do that as not only an artist but a copywriter under Aperture studios. I also work at the Zimbabwean examinations board, ZIMSEC.

CM: If you had to change anything about yourself what would that be?

TM: I don’t think I would be willing to change anything about myself; maybe I’d make myself less emotional because the tiniest of things or gesture bring tears to my eyes and people always think there is something weird about that.

CM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

TM: I see myself owning my own publishing house which is dedicated to getting the words of women from all walks of life published so as to give a voice to women in the society who have so much to say and are not always given the opportunity to speak their truths. I need to be the voice of the voiceless women.

CM: Words on advice to fellow women?

TM: There are so many things that we deal with as women but whatever storms and challenges come our way may we always be reminded of the strength of women so much so that we look within ourselves and find the place where we can face whatever obstacles and challenges life throws our way.

CM: Between writing and your other works you do what would you choose?

TM: Writing is not a job for me; hence I could never consider it as work. Writing is my life, so obviously I would choose living “writing” over everything else that I do.

Considering that she was born in a family of creatives, where the father is a published author and the mother is a certified editor, Tsakani defies our popular saying “Umuntu kazi zali.”

There you have it. She is now a published author; you can get her book Conversations with the GOD. For those who might need the book please contact her. See business card below.

Tsakani Muyambo
Tsakani Muyambo


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