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Urban Food Diary with Chef Zinzie : Fruit And Granola Parfait

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Hey guys Welcome to the Urban Food Diary. In the spirit of eating healthier this week we are talking about fruits and fun ways to spice up your daily fruit intake.

On today’s  menu 

Fruit and granola parfait

Fruit carpaccio

Fruit kebabs

Fruit and granola parfait

A great way to start the day. Not only is granola filling, it’s packed with nuts and seeds that provide essential superfoods.

You will need




Greek yogurt

In a glass

Add your granola

Add some pureed kiwi

Add yogurt

Add slices of kiwi

Add sliced strawberries

Add granola 

Add strawberries


Fruit and granola parfait
Fruit and granola parfait


*Chefs tip: Don’t add things haphazardly, make it look pretty, presentation gives the first impression of a dish.

  Fruit Carpaccio

Very thinly slice pineapples, kiwi and strawberries.

On a plate

Lay the pineapple slices

Add the kiwi slices

Add the strawberry slices

Sprinkle crushed pistachio nuts or pomegranate rubies Add chopped min.

Fruit Carpaccio
Fruit Carpaccio

Fruit kebabs

You’ll need An assortment of fruit available to you Cut the fruit to bite size pieces and put them through bamboo skewers *Remember to try to reach your daily requirement of fruit.

5 a day for the moderately active *Whole fruits are essential and good for you, drink less fruit juice and eat more fruit.

Fruit kebabs
Fruit kebabs