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5 Minutes With The Fine -Looking And Talented Brother Calvin Madula

Jean-Claude Van Damme did the magic. Every time I watched that guy I was seeing myself. At first I just wanted to be like him, I could imagine myself doing that majestic round kick of his.

Calvin Madula
Calvin Madula

Just when you thought good looks and insane talent could not be found in one person- the universe bore Calvin. Just one look at him you would think the hottie is snobbish and unapproachable but they say don’t judge a book by its cover, well that’s the case with Calvin Madula. The Binga born actor, model and marketing student has tried to hold it together in a generation that has made it difficult for one to keep it together.

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Not only was he born remote Binga, he was later raised in a communal area. He only moved to Bulawayo in 2015. You might have read about his future plans and all but how about we look into his life, let’s get to know who Madula (M) is. Charmaine Mudau (CM), lifestyle and travel editor managed to catch up with this hunk-licious young man and had a chat.

Calvin Madula
Calvin Madula

CM: Besides being a model, actor and marketing student who is Calvin Madula?

M: Calvin Madula is a family oriented person, he is also that simplest coolest guy you will ever meet lol. He is funny, fun, humble, down to earth, talkative, a lover, diligent, very ambitious, a music lover and a very big fan of dogs. He almost loves cooking as well.

CM: Take us through your journey. How it was like growing up in Chiundura (a communal area in Gweru)

M: It was never easy trust me, but thinking of it now I’m glad I went through all that because I wouldn’t be this fine responsible young man I am today, that place taught me life, that’s what I can say.

CM: Do you have any siblings?

M: I come from a family of 4 consisting 3 boys and 1 girl. My big brother Evans is the guy who has been more of a father figure in our lives. He has been there for us in achieving our dreams from day one. Irvin the 2nd born, is like the better version of me, he’s a cool, smart, adventurous and visionary among other things. Then Patience my baby sister, I love her.

CM: Who has been your pillar of strength so far?

M: That’ll be my Mum. God bless that woman.

CM: What has been your hardest and lowest moment in life?

M: I have experienced quite a number of those in my life but these 2 will make the hardest. First one being on the 13th of May 2013, we call it the 3 hour period. My mum was taken away from us for exactly 3 hours but mercy said no and she was brought back to life.

That incident haunted me for 3 good years, the thought of losing her hit me so hard. The second experience was the 21st of March 2016, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes , and according to the doctors it was already bad. At one point this other doctor told me I was very lucky to be alive because no one under normal circumstances survives when sugar levels are that high, it was a dark moment in my life, I was so scared and devastated.

CM: I understand you have always wanted to be an actor. Who inspired you?

M: Jean-Claude Van Damme did the magic. Every time I watched that guy I was seeing myself. At first I just wanted to be like him, I could imagine myself doing that majestic round kick of his (laughs) but eventually I fell in love with being me not anybody else.

CM: How did your parents take your decision to be an actor?

M: They weren’t on board at first but after realizing how passionate I am about the whole thing, they came through. I am grateful for that because having your family’s support is the greatest motivation any dreamer would ask for it is a blessing.

Calvin Madula
Calvin Madula

CM: How do you balance acting, modelling, school and personal life?

M: This is a hard one. As much as I try not to procrastinate, avoid destructions, sticking to a schedule and all that at the end of the day it feels like I don’t have to balance because I always drop the ball.

CM: What are some of the misconceptions people have about you.

M: OMG they are a lot, well lately I have stopped caring about other people’s opinions and I just focus on what makes me happy. You just need to do what you have to do and those who don’t understand you will eventually come through.

CM: Do you have a strict diet?

M: I’m diabetic (laughs)

CM: What truly defines you; Acting or Modelling?

M: Acting

CM: Any special lady in your life?

M: Oh yes there is a sun in my sky indeed

Well there you have it, the actor, model and marketing student was once quoted saying he is the next big thing, well let’ s hope he is lives up to his words. Calvin is one of the models who will be gracing the Inaugural of Zambia Menswear week in August.

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