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#FashionTips : Warming Up This Winter

Winter Jacket
Winter Jacket

Winter is here, and really we have already experienced a taste of the season. The main thing we are thinking about is that we want to look great but we don’t want to look lazy.

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Let’s check out ways to look absolutely fashionable this winter. You might be asking yourself, what kind of tracksuit can I buy? You can start by buying a black and white tracksuit that looks like this.

Black and White Tracksuits
Black and White Tracksuits


Be it Nike or not, this black and white tracksuit speaks volumes. You can pass by Unity Village and find something similar. Of course you can pair it with a pair of sneakers.

The next thing to try out is colour combination. Go for a track top that has a diferent colour to the bottom. For example you can get a green top and black pants, red bottoms and white bottoms. So basically when you have a nice combination, the tracksuits looks more like an outfit.


If you are going to have a single colour of the tracksuit, try colours like pink, grey, white, try as hard as you can to stay clear of yellow, lime etc. Loud colours are never flattering when paired together. So here is a a nice example of the same colour tracksuit.

Try out unusual materials like velvet and materials that shimmer. This is very fashionable, now like I said, it would feel more like a outfit rather than ‘lazy clothes’. You could also go for slim tight ones as well. Check out this silver tracksuit.

The Zimbabwean climate is quite complicated, it can be both hot and cold on the very same day. Best way to approach this is to take advantage of the crop top trend. Track tops lately are cropped, so when the weather isn’t understandable dare to try this out. You could also just slip on a crop top underneath and then on top put on a track top that has a zipper.

Take advantage of the net trend as well, whereby you put on a pair of netty pulling socks underneath your pants. You could rock this look during the day when its hot, and then throw on your track top when its chilly.

This winter dare to look as dazzling as you want to be, because even though its cold and you want to warm up, you can look amazing as well.

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