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#NightLife : 5 Of The Best Night Spots In Bulawayo


Bulawayo is Zimbabwe’s entertainment capital and part of the reason for this is the status and quality of our nightlife and clubs. Whether you are visiting the city of “KINGS” from elsewhere or live around the corner from the CBD, check out these 5 trendy night spots in the royal capital.

5. Pub Lagondola 

If you are a fan of mature crowds this is the place to be. Located in the central business district of Bulawayo. Like a secret hideaway within Pub Lagondola, the Cigar Lounge offers the atmosphere of an exclusive hideaway.

Warm woods, comfortable armchairs and plush sofas establish a calm, welcoming mood.
The Cigar Lounge is a richly decorated room where patrons can enjoy a cigar, shisha, an adult beverage and a fine steak if they so wish.

The lounge is an intimate setting brimming with unique features, stylish furnishing and original artwork.
It offers a welcoming environment to those who want a decent relaxation spot after a hard day at work.

4. HartsField Tshisa Nyama 

This joint consistently hosts the cream of the crop of local and international DJs and artists. Its location away from the central business district adds to its vibrancy.

#NightLife : 5 Of The Best Night Spots In Bulawayo
#NightLife : 5 Of The Best Night Spots In Bulawayo

3. Shisha Vintage Bar 

Once upon a time it was known as the Exchange bar and if one old patron could walk in right now he/she might be completely puzzled. The new aromatic feel and the creativity that is pinned around has earned the bar a new reputation and is known for host jazz artists from around the country.

2. Zarah Lounge 

For those who appreciate the finer things in life Zarah Lounge is the place to be. The pub and restaurant is located at the formerly the Lounge courtyard and offers privacy for those who want to drink in a quite and peaceful environment.

In order to gain entrance to Zarah one must dress to empress. We fell in love with the tranquility and its upmarket design.

1. Copa Cubana 

It’s atmosphere has been described as mellow and relaxed. Copa Cubana is our number one spot in a Bulawayo and its one place you can get a glimpse of our most celebrated personalities.

It has amassed the reputation as one of the places to party the night away. It is a restaurant and a bar that caters for those who want a tranquil environment with a mature feel.

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