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#OPINION : Open Letter to Ezra Tshisa Sibanda

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By Khumbu Malinga

Dear Ezra Tshisa Sibanda

I would have chosen to ignore your utterances in the Sunday News Interview dated 10 June 2018 where you made a direct attack to the young and enterprising Radio Presenters. However my background in Advocacy and Youth Activism told me that I would be betraying a generational mandate if I let your rantings go by unchallenged.

So here it goes Ezra Tshisa.

Firstly Ezra, from the language you used to respond to the interview where you employ words like ‘lack or originality’, ‘shockingly pathetic’ and ‘inferiority complex’ to describe the current crop of radio presenters one can easily deduce that you are a condescending person who sees himself as the Alpha and Omega of Radio presenting.

You are wrong Ezra! You do not hold the universal manual to radio presenting. Get it into your head that you belong to an older generation that has a different taste and a generation that is not able to comprehend contemporary talent. The Ezra Tshisa kind of presenting is long dead and long rotten. What you call shockingly pathetic is the kind of talent that has made this new generation of presenters command a cult following among the youthful radio audience.

Dear Ezra, one can only laugh when they hear you saying; “You ask yourself, we left radio in 2002 but 16 years down the line people still remember us, they still remember Brenda Moyo, Peter Johns, Eric Knight, James Maridadi, Englam Nyathi etc because we were broadcasters… listeners have forgotten them yet they still remember Ezra Tshisa Sibanda.” The only reason why we still remember you presenting Ngisakhumbula and Abancane Qha, is not because you were the Crema de La crame of radio but because there was no alternative radio station outside ZBC stations Ezra. There was no Star FM, ZiFM, Skyz Metro FM and Khulumani FM. We were forced to listen to you only but we are happy now people that can talk about Phathisani, Bkay ,TKP and KGV. So do not mistake our memory of you as an endorsement that you were the best because you were competing against yourself Ezra.

During the interview Ezra, you sell yourself as a bitter man who was denied radio licence twice by the licencing authority. Commit to memory and remember that during the Public Interviews for Bulawayo radio licence you and the team that you were fronting showcased a sham presentation. Do you remember well when you said you had more than 100 years combined experience in radio broadcasting and the Commission asked why that experience was not reflected in your presentation? Have you forgotten how the commission said your name was littered all over shareholding documents yet you claimed to have sold your shares? The world has no sympathy for angry people like you who see conspiracy even on their shadows. Using contemporary language I advise you that: Take a Chill pill!

To conclude this letter Ezra, be mindful that as young people who are media practitioners we will not sit back and smile when you take pride in bullying us. We will respond and show you your space Ezra. And for the record know that you are swimming against heavy current. We have not forgotten how your hatred for the current crop of artists and media practitioners made you to behave like a bull in a China shop and cause the arrest of one Nkue Nkala but that is a story for another day.

Khumbu Malinga is a media practitioner based in South Africa. He can be contacted on khumbumalinga@gmail.com