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#ElectionFever: Nigel Ndlovu on His Political Aspiration, the Love for Magwegwe Constituency and Creating Jobs through Art


Election fever has engulfed the entire nation and we are all geared up to choose our new leaders as per every 5 years. The 2018 election has given us a few surprises, with young people joining the race. What has made this race exciting for the arts industry is the fact that proactive arts personalities popular have also thrown in their names into the leadership race. The arts community, especially in Bulawayo is excited to have some members of the creative community going for the kill, many believe if some of these creatives win, the sector will never the same again.

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Last week, armed with our camera gear, we experienced a day in the life of Nigel Ndlovu who happens to be our former editor. Nigel hopes to represent Magwegwe constituency in the house of assembly.

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Upon our arrival we meet his campaign team who are busy putting up posters around the constituency. The team consists of a youthful and vibrant crew obviously optimistic about life after July. Indeed the young man is leaving no stone unturned in a bid to have a youthful leadership in his community.


#ElectionFever Nigel Campaign Posters
#ElectionFever Nigel Campaign Posters

Our first port of call is his home where we meet his mother who is excited about the new leaf his son is taking “I hope he wins, he is one person who never looks back when he has made a decision of what he wants” says Mrs. Ndlovu.

Soon after our interaction with Mrs. Ndlovu, we take a tour around the constituency accompanied by his campaign team. It is during the tour that we come across excited residents who talk to Nigel and inquire about a number of things he wishes to fulfill if he assumes office. He seems to have made an impression on the electorate as they wish him the best of luck. Here and there we also bump into some who request him to buy them beer if he ever hopes of gaining their votes. The campaign crew chuckles around the popular “Buy us Beer and we will vote for you.” chants.

Nigel Ndlovu
Nigel Ndlovu

It is after the dramatic tour that we finally take some time to sit down and ask Cde Ndlovu a few questions about his new life away from making films.

Tell us in brief who is Nigel Ndlovu?

Nigel Ndlovu is a young man aged 26, he is a brother, son and a Christian, artist, filmmaker, media practitioner with a BA in media studies. Nigel is also a growing entrepreneur who is involved in selling farm produce and providing digital/social media services. He is also a professional Multi level marketer.

Nigel Ndlovu
Nigel Ndlovu

What inspired you to take up politics and the role of being MP?

I was inspired to take up politics because I saw a gap in the field, there is a lack of youth representation. Instead of complaining I decided to be part of the solution. I have always wanted to establish a political party I saw the election as a gateway to participate in the process.

Nigel Ndlovu
Nigel Ndlovu

Will you abandon the arts when you win in the elections?

I will not abandon the arts, I will be involved big time and I hope to push and advocate legislation that will fully protect intellectual property in the arts industry.

Politics is considered A dirty game, are you not intimidated to take up such a role?

Yes politics is said to be a dirty game I get nervous yes but I believe young people are here to change the status quo. We need to repaint the picture and promote servant leadership and violent free politics.

Nigel Ndlovu
Nigel Ndlovu

What can the artiste electorate expect from your victory?

As an artiste I will advocate for funding, offering seed capital for artistes to commercialize their art Unused warehouses must also be turned into studios for art, film and craft. To create jobs we need government to take the arts seriously since this sector can help improve a lot of lives. One movie can employ 100s but you hear politicians talking about impractical ways to curb unemployment. Bulawayo Arts industry has so much potential therefore I will push for new innovative ways of doing things.

In case you lose, will you try again in 2023?

Yes most definitely I will be back in 2023. Another thing is that I will hold whoever is elected to account.

Given the resources needed for campaigns, who is funding Nigel?

The campaign is self funded and the funding is not enough. I am open to any help.

Away from politics, filmmaking and being an entrepreneur, what do you spend your time doing?

Apart from politics I enjoy reading. I now practice public speaking as well and I hope to be a keynote speaker soon. I also enjoy cricket and watching interesting films.


3 Top-of-the-table things Nigel will solve once in office?

Establish a constituency office and lines of communication that will be open 24/7.Push for legislation that will help the youth get government support for seed capital to start-up businesses. This move will help reduce unemployment on a severe scale. Hold monthly constituency surveys, to interact with the constituency as communication is key for a Member of Parliament.


Let’s talk about your family, how did they take your decision of being part of the Zimbabwean Political landscape?

Surprisingly, my family is very supportive and everyone is excited by this journey that I have decided to partake in.

How will you ensure that other young people in the next elections are vying for posts in parliament and council?

I hope to start an organization that will help mobilize youth participation and votes soon after elections, so that youths own the 2023 elections.

What has been the challenge you faced, being a young aspiring candidate?

My major challenge has been funding I have been self-funding the campaign for 4 months now, I would love to engage sponsors and possible partners to help me intensify the campaign.

What are your long term goals if you win the seat?

One of my main goals is to establish a Magwegwe media Centre that will house a community radio station. I also want to create a revolving fund to help startups and small SMES in Magwegwe. In addition I will promote sports like Rugby and produce implementable policies in parliament. I work hard because I’m also hoping to be in charge of a ministry. I want to set up a viable and efficient constituency office that will help attend to the concerns in Magwegwe.

UC Cover
UC Cover

How has the Magwegwe community/constituency reacted to your aspirations?

I’m getting support in my constituency however you know; in life not everyone will be happy.

A View of Magwegwe Constituency
A View of Magwegwe Constituency

Cde. Ndlovu Thank you for allowing us to take a tour and have a conversation with you. All the best Hon.

Thank you my brother. Let us not forget to spread the word about #Nig4MP

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