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Twitter Crack Down On Suspicious Accounts; Zim Twelebs Face the Whip

Many celebrities, politicians and so-called social media influencers found their Twitter followings knocked down a few digits on Thursday as the company slashed tens of millions of suspicious accounts from the totals.

Twitter Pic Source Online
Twitter Pic Source Online

Twitter has taken a worldwide stance to remove fake accounts in an effort of making the microblogging site safe and convenient.

Twitter’s purge of suspicious accounts on Wednesday has resulted in the social media platform’s most popular users taking a big hit to their number of followers.Many social media “Influencers” have been affected by this move with some losing as much as 400K.

Among the biggest losers is former US President Barack Obama, who lost more than 2 million followers. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is among the most followed African personalities on Twitter, lost 16,071.

President Donald Trump’s Twitter following also shrunk, by 400,000.Singer Katy Perry saw more than 3 million of the 110 million followers on her Twitter account suddenly vanish, while Justin Bieber’s social media account shrunk by 1.4 million.

Another big loser in the purge was Twitter itself, which shed 7.5 million of its nearly 63 million followers because of the change. Our very own Twelebs were not left out in this clean up as GilmoreTee lost nearly a thousand followers.

Twitter said that ordinary people probably won’t see much of a difference in their number of followers, which could drop only by four or even fewer. But those with large followings, such as politicians and celebrities, should be prepared for rapid changes. We hope this move will likely promote influencers who have an engaging followership than those with a big but redundant following.


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