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ENCORE!!!! : Crowds Cry For Another Nceku, T1nda and Maforty Show as Clean/Christian Art takes over


The 27th of July has brought more light to the usually side-lined market of Christian Art. The Vele Ang’kuzwa, Vele Ang’kuboni, Yim’Lo show witnessed an audience that had unfamiliar faces coming to attend.  From the reaction of the audience after the show, the clean  unprofaned art pushed by the trio of T1nda, Nceku and MaForty, should be a regular feature on the calendar.

Phot taken From Facebook

The audience was booming with families who had come out for a night of comedy and musical performances. One patron highlighted that there was need for more shows of such kind on a regular basis, as entertainment for “the faint-hearted” was scarce around the city, with most events being too crude to be indulged in.

Photo taken from Facebook

Christian Comedy has recently been on the rise, with Nceku being one of the artistes who have been outstandingly pushing the envelope. His famous social media skits have left an impression that surely one can express their artistic comic skill without being vulgar. New kid on the block MaForty has also joined the bandwagon with his clean and highly intellectual approach to the craft. Already gaining ground as a seasoned comedy act, MaForty has been thriving to bring back the witty sense of stand up comedy that was seemingly getting lost over the past years to vulgar language. T1nda who is Christian Hip-Hop’s maestro also blends well with his music, to make this trio one of the most versatile forces to reckon with.

The realisation that audience sharing is the best way of building a bigger audience for one another has also contributed positively to the growth of clean/Christian art. Hosting a show together made the trio’s followers intertwined and rich with a diversified choice in the art they would want to consume.



MaForty highlighted how he is humbled by the crowd which keeps on growing with every show he has done. “I think with clean comedy many people find it very easy to refer others to my works and that of artistes like Nceku. The same goes with T1nda the music he makes accommodates people who don’t want their minds littered with too many swear words. My audience base has been improving because even kids with a sharp intellect can pay to come watch my shows. This has also made it easy for me to get gigs at high schools as well. The market is opening up and people are looking for alternative ways of entertaining themselves;  using what we believe in, we just filled a gap we recognised needed to be filled” the comedian said.

It is no doubt that this niche market has attributed to an increased audience at events this trio has been organising either an a team or individually. their formula is working and we pray they stick to it.