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Hip Hop Kapital; Cal vin’s Most Underrated Song


This past week at the office we spent most of our time jamming to some Bulawayo music. All things were nice and mellow until we accidentally bumped into “Hip Hop Kapital”, a track by “dat Luveve boy”, Cal Vin. The song impressed us and we ended up debating about his lyrical prowess in the Bulawayo music sphere. As we continued with the jamming session we ended up sampling some of his tracks dating from back in the day to the present bangers. This was all in an effort of comparing our ‘new discovery’, which in fact was dropped on the 1st of March this year, to some of his more popular tracks.We then came back to make the conclusion that “Hip Hop Kapital” is one of Cal Vin’s best songs as he highlights his lyrical composure whilst paying tribute to ALMOST every Hip-Hop cat in the City of Kings.

In the song he gives a massive shout out to Bulawayo Hip Hop legends (Yes, we said LEGENDS!!!!) like Thorne, Tswarelo, Naboth Rizzla, POY, AU and Miximus Biko to mention a few. Our very own currently trending boys such as GTi, Mawiza Guluva Se7en, Asaph and 2Yung are not left out of the mix. The list is endless as “dat Luveve boy” keeps on throwing in names to the storyline that is set on a Hip Hop get-together that is about to happen.

The video is a pictorial mix of Hip Hop heads mentioned in the song. It  is simply done but it works well in bringing about authenticity and a nostalgic feel to the song. A remake with more refined pictures wouldn’t hurt, but the concept should remain the same

With the catchy beat this song deserves to be called a Hip-Hop anthem. We think this is one of Cal Vin’s underrated songs and if you think we are bluffing then check it out.