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Quick Peak into D’lax’s latest Video, “Udlala Ngami”


Bulawayo talent seems to be blooming with every breath we take in as a city. It then comes as no surprise that we are exposed to new and refreshing concept on a daily basis. D’lax released his debut video for his catchy single titled ‘Udlala Ngami’ (translated as “You Take Me For Granted”).

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For many who have not familiarised on who D’lax is; Born Walter Dlamini the 25 year old musician is more defined as a Hip-Hop artiste based in our very own city of Kings and Queens. D’lax boasts of having worked with artistes such as Khuxxman on the production and also having once shared the stage with Cal-Vin in the definitive days of his career.

A Pro-Grade media production directed by Jamz, ‘Udlala Ngami’ features Nobesuthu, and is D’lax’s 8th offering, with other singles such as “Ngoba S’jabulile” and “Song for mama” All the tracks have been produced, and mixed and mastered by Ma9nine and Fish F McSwagg respectively.

The single can simply be described as a love song, as in the video, the protagonist is being played for a fool by his girlfriend, who seemingly has another man but chooses to be unsuspecting up until the inevitable bust up at end of the video. It comes as no surprise that the location of the set is mostly the Centenary Park, a place that is popular for lovers’ meet-ups and hook-ups.

The sound of track is a fusion of two urban contemporary genres  of House and Hip-Hop. Asked about his fusion of house beats and Hip Hop flows on the single, D’lax expresses that it is not the first time he has done a fusion genre using Hip-Hop elements. “I have worked on a number of songs of different genres fused to Hip-Hop. Unlike many talented musicians, my musical abilities were nurtured and moulded overtime by my passion and love for music.”

D’lax is happy with the positive feedback he has been getting from his followers. “I am very impressed with the feedback so far. Everyone who has heard the song has given some positive response and people seem to enjoy the song and the video. “Udlala Ngami” has also been playing on the Trace Africa channel following its launch on YouTube 4 weeks ago.

The MP3(song) has also received a great response from listeners on radio stations’ song review shows following its launch early August” says the rapper.

As part of his future plans  D’lax hopes to work with a couple of big names like ExQ, Tamy and Takura. We wish him the best in that.

Watch the video on the Following Link Below: