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5 Things I Love About Bulawayo


For the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to travel around Zimbabwe, from its major tourism resorts to some of its cities and towns. In the process I have found myself home sick and missing my jewel city Bulawayo.

As we concluded the trip I asked myself, what I really missed about the city of kings. What was making me so nostalgic despite the great experience I was having? Has Bulawayo cast a spell on me to the extent that I cannot live in another part of the beautiful Zimbabwean landscape without missing a thing or two about the city that raised me?

Yesterday on our Urban Culxure twitter page we posted a question on what people love about Bulawayo, well the responses kind of reminded me of what I missed and also love about the royal capital.

I bet if we were not going through the economic nightmare KoNtuthu  will be our own version of New York City, Detroit or Johannesburg; always buzzing with the most exciting stuff.

I decided to pen down at least the 5 things that make us all love Bulawayo.There is a lot to love about Bulawayo, but I decided to stick to these 5 for now

1. The Rich Cultural History

No one would say has experienced Zimbabwe’s diversity if they haven’t been to this historical city, which carries a rich cultural history. It is one of Zimbabwe’s oldest and historically embroidered cities.

King Lobengula’s initial royal town, established in 1872, was located about 22,5 kilometers of the present day city, the town has been rebuilt and its known as Old Bulawayo.

Ndebele history is also well documented in the city through the naming of townships and the street names, which also helps learners in knowing historical facts and figures. The cultural history has also been preserved by some of the cities arts and culture outfits who have now and again produced dance and theatre productions that have revisited the city’s rich cultural narrative.

2. Highlanders Football Club

Where would we be at without Bosso. Highlanders Football Club is synonymous with the city itself.  Born in Makokoba township the oldest football club in Zimbabwe is the proud and joy of the city (it is also in the top 10 of the oldest football clubs in Africa). http://www.africapedia.com/2010/11/21/oldest-african-football-soccer-clubs/ Whenever you visit Barbourfields Stadium to watch Bosso play you come out a changed man.

There is an unexplainable euphoria about the song, dance, jeering and cheering that happens at the Soweto section.

3. Bulawayo is Clean, Serene, and Spacious.

If you have been to other cities then you will understand what we mean by calm, serene and spacious. The city in itself is very clean and you can smell the fresh air that comes with every new day. There is minimal noise in the city centre even during the hustle and bustle of the day. The city has wide streets and the and you can freely move on the pavements without fear of stepping on a hustling mother’s tomatoes. Bulawayo is one peaceful city…. We love our peace!!!!!

4. The night life

Everyone visiting Bulawayo always wants to leave with the Bulawayo experience and what better way to do it than be initiated into the city’s nightlife. Bulawayo has one of the vibrant nightlifes in the country. We have so many night spots to choose from only your pocket and energy will determine how you last.

No wonder why it has been called Konyama kayipheli kuphel’amaziny’endoda (follow me and DM me on @kudatakundwa to get the translation of what that means).

5. The Queens (Tjooooo beautiful every day all year).

Gorgeous, Perfect, Royal, Elegant,  S’momondinous, You can come up with any word to describe the beauty of a Bulawayo lady. We pride ourselves in having the most beautiful queens in the country. If you think I am bluffing then ask any Zimbo guy, they can testify to that. We just love our ladies because they love where they come from. Even if you were to meet a Bulawayo girl in London guaranteed she is going to be an ambassador of her city.