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Good Vibes at #Shoko2018 : 4 Things We Loved About Moonchild,MaForty and Dadza D

Moonchild Sanelly live on stage
Moonchild Sanelly live on stage

The 6th edition of Shoko Arts Festival was held last weekend in Harare. We were chuffed with the turn out and thrilled by the performances at the event. The festival which started on Friday came to an end on Sunday with an electric performance in Chitungwiza. The festival which ran under the theme “Peace in the hood”.

Here are some of the 5 things we loved about the 2018 edition

1.The Shoko Festival Comedy Night 

MaForty at ShokoFestival
MaForty at ShokoFestival

The comedy night was packed to the rafters and was punctured by top drawer performances from the comedians. Farhan Esat, MaForty,Michael K, Tinaye and the popular people’s podcast Sadza in the Morning had the crowd laughing out loud.

MaForty who in 2017 won the top comedy award at Shoko proved why he got the award as he matched the other established comics on stage.

The innovative show titled “Comrade Fatso Presents Coups, Elections and Bullet Trains”, hosted by the daring Comrade Fatso and had a neatly arranged stage that depicted the daily Zimbabwean street hustle.

2. The Mash-up Night 

The unique mash-up night was the vibe of the day and had the crowd dancing. The mash up saw artiste work on unlikely collaborations. ZCC Mbungwe Stars and Hip Hop star T Shoc merged, while Vabati Vajehova performed alongside EDM artist, Zyon Black. Tamy Moyo also collaborated with Norwegian Hip Hop act, Awesomnia.

The mash-up nights should be added as a Shoko Arts Festival annual feature that will encourage collaborations from various Zimbabwean acts from different backgrounds and genres.

The night ended with appearances from South African gqom musician Moonchild Sanelly and “Mambo” hitmaker Asaph who wowed the crowd.

3. Peace in the Hood Concert in Unit L Chitungwiza 


The country’s leading urban culture festival ended with the Peace In The Hood concert in unit L Chitungwiza and was an electric show. Dancehall chanters Ricky Fire, Dadza D, Guspy Warrior, Jah Signal who rocked the crowd with his popular track Stonyeni. 

We also loved the peace in the hood concert because of its mixture of local acts. In Chitungwiza we also got to experience Tulk Munny, MK Hombakadzi, Asaph, Kudzai ‘Balancer’ Chamanga, Nyasha ‘Chifinhu’ Shambare, Junior Spraga and Empress Massina who took turns to entertain the crowd.

Besides the acts we fell in love with the branding part and how people sent messages of peace and hope for Zimbabwe that were pinned around the venue.

4. Moonchild Sanelly Performances 

Moonchild at Mash up nights
Moonchild at Mash up nights

When prophets of doom got the news that she was going to be part of the headline acts for Shoko, they said she wont make it and was a one hit maker who was making a quick buck in Zimbabwe. On Saturday night she proved them otherwise, when she took on stage with her song F-Boyz a song very few people knew the lyrics to. When she started her energetic dance routines the audience could not just stand and watch because it was time to dance.

When she belted hits like Makhe, Midnight Starring and Weh Mameh whilst the crowd went into a frenzy. To the extent that the crowd had to cry for her return on stage.

Pictures by Shoko Festival 


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