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Khuliyo And Ramsey K Set To Drop New Album “Ngqobe”


After losing the 2018 member of parliament election in Pumula constituency, musician Nkululeko Nkala is back at doing what he loves the most and has taken the election loss as a bygone. Khuliyo as he is affectionately known, is set to drop a new album Ngqobe in collaboration with jazz musician Ramsey K.

Ramsey K has in recent years mastered the art of doing cover hits and has garnered a massive following in some of the city’s top entertainment joints. He has built his brand as one of the city’s greatest live performers and this will be his debut album.

“Collaborations are always the way; mixing ideas can make us achieve a lot together. We both have an appetite to produce amazing works of art for both performance and listening” said Khuliyo. He added that the Afro pop album is inspired by the childhood games they all used to play in the townships when they were kids.The duo is set to release two tracks before the December 1 launch.

Khuliyo who started off as a Imbube singer with Umdumo Wesizwe, before moving to being an arts administrator launched his musical career in 2016 with the album “Amaphupho Amatsha” before dropping “New Dreams” last year.

Although he has been criticised for his music Khuliyo seems not to be fazed by it. Sorry to those who thought he would be dropping the mic any time soon.