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Vuka Vuka Breakfast Show Brings Bulawayo Culture Celebration Day To Life


Bulawayo comes alive as every Friday of the monthend will be known as Bulawayo Culture Celebration Day. This celebration, initiated by Bulawayo’s Skyz Metro FM Vuka Vuka Breakfast show starts with effect from Friday October 26 2018.

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“As a radio show that has been at the forefront of the Bulawayo culture and lifestyle, its important to celebrate our culture and keep our future generations inspired of our African identity. On the day we will use our mother tongues to broadcast to the millions of Skyz Metro FM listeners across the world”, said the show’s co-host Babongile Sikhonjwa.

As part of the celebration the Vuka Vuka team urges Bulawayo natives to dress African and celebrate the various cultures that exist within the city. “It does not matter where you are from, whether it be Ndebele, Shona, Venda, Kalanga, Tonga or Sotho, we need people to come out and celebrate their identity. Don’t be surprised to see me wearing ‘umqhele’ (the traditional headband)every monthend. We should all wear atleast one item that identifies us with our culture”, the radio personality emphasised.

Bulawayo which was previously an industrial hub of Zimbabwe attracted a number of individuals from different African countries and other parts of Zimbabwe, who all came and adopted the city as their home; hence the city is home to people from various ethnic groups. The city is also referred to as the cultural hub of Zimbabwe because of its rich cultural heritage, this has also been witnessed by the amount of outstanding traditional outfits that have flown the Zimbabwean flag outside the country.

“We hope to one day have a get together with all of us in Bulawayo dressed in our African regalia to exhibit our different cultures”, Sikhonjwa added.

The breakfast Vuka Vuka Breakfast show is hosted by Babongile Sikhonjwa, Master Eli and Donna N and airs on Bulawayo’s commercial radio station Skyz Metro FM (100.3) from 6-10AM.