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5 Things To Do Before The Beer Marathon


Beer lovers will this weekend gather for the final leg of the Beer Marathon at Hartfield Tshisanyama on Saturday afternoon. In the past three weeks, warm up parties have been held at Zarah and Crystal Lounge in the CBD.

5 Things To Do Before The Beer Marathon
5 Things To Do Before The Beer Marathon


Beer marathons are fun and usually offer a chance to explore a wide variety of beer whilst hanging out with other beer lovers.

However,  for you to enjoy the marathon,  it’s good to do a little planning prior to the event. Here are my tips for not only surviving but getting the most out of the MARATHON.

1. Be Sure to Eat 

Have a proper meal before the event. You are going mainly for the beer, so avoid the temptation of diving in and drinking on an empty stomach. I’m quite confident we all witnessed what happens to those that do not stick to this Golden Rule of Boozing. Failure to have a good meal before you drink might lead you to wake up with puke and pee stained clothes the next day.

Such events usually have food but the prices are typically high and the portions small. So I urge you to eat your usual hefty meals at home and then snack off during your boozing frenzy. If you do so, rest assured, you will enjoy your day.

2. Prepare your squad 

Make sure “amajida” are prepared, check if they have the money, the fuel/transport and their cooler boxes ready. Don’t be the cash cow!!!!!! As much as you are having fun “TIMES ARE HARD”, you will need that extra cash tomorrow. If its a contribution scenario then make sure everyone is on the same page on what type of beer the squad is drinking.

3. Hydrate 

Its going to be a long day, so make sure you are well hydrated. Water helps you to flush out all the toxins in your system, so you will need to have a bottle or two at constant intervals. At some events they do provide free water bottles but just in case they dont its advisable to have your own. If you follow the rule of drinking one glass of water per four beers, you should  be fine.

Games Lounge
Games Lounge At the Beer Marathon

4. Choose your wardrobe wisely

Its summer and its hot; it will do you good to wear light materials and wear comfortable shoes. Know the weather forecast for the day and dress appropriately. Plus be daring with your wardrobe we need to see those bright colours and funky designs.

5. Buy Meds for your hangover 

The Beer marathon will come and go, but the hangover will haunt you the day after. You will need to prepare all your hangover meds in advance so as to avoid the inconvenience of waking up to look for meds with a throbbing headache. You will need time to rest without the hangover being a challenge to you.

Bonus : Bring a Camera

Beer marathons also attract characters and some always turn to be comic after taking one or too many. You will need to record some of these memorable spectacles. Imagine your good friend when drunk and spilling out all the crazy dance moves; you will definitely need the blackmailing evidence in the future.

Asaph to perfom at the Beer Marathon
Asaph to perfom at the Beer Marathon

Lets prepare and enjoy the Beer marathon in Bulawayo. It will feature top musicians amongst them Okmalumkoolkat, Berita Asaph among others.