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About Urban Culxure



To be the leading arts and entertainment online portal, providing accurate and informative news to its readers.

Mission statement

To create content that informs and inspires our readers.

Who are we-

Formed in April 2014, Urban Culxure is a multi-award winning online arts and entertainment magazine that has a mandate to inform, educate and entertain the Zimbabwean audience in different parts of the world. Our site is a citizen journalism platform which focuses on the arts and the creative sector.

What we do-

Content Creation- Urban Culxure is a content creating media platform. The magazine covers stories and events to do with music, film, theatre, modeling, fashion, lifestyle and sport.

Event Previews- We provide sneak previews of upcoming shows and events taking place in the show business.

Live Twitter Updates- Creating conversation through live twitter updates at events also enables the possibility of the event trending. Our live tweeting has created a niche market for our content to have a far reaching scope. Guaranteed we are one of the most preferred brands for live tweeting.

Social Media Consultancy- We also offer consultancy and social media advisory services to artiste and companies who want to improve their online media presence.

For who- Our content target demographic is technologically savvy young people who constitute the highest number in Zimbabwe and the World Wide Web (World).

Where are we – We are an online based (international) located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.