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Bangaphi: Where Are They?


In 2017 Bulawayo had hard hitting content that promised to be the game changers of the Zimbabwean entertainment landscape. Come 2018 the deafening silence calls for concern. Last year was a big year for content production in Bulawayo and we thought, “Oh wow we’re taking over the entertainment space!”, but alas, a year later dololo. What happened to the hits that left us with so much hope for a bigger and better 2018. We are not disputing the impressive content that has been produced this year but we were expecting sequels of the programmes that had already kept us on our toes last year. Here are some of the works we thought were going to be our next big thing in 2018 but fizzled on us.


1. Not so Funny with Lady Tshawe
We will have to acknowledge with pride that Not So Funny with Lady Tshawe was one of Bulawayo’s premiere Facebook broadcast shows. The satiric show had the aim of bringing accurate, factual information to the public with a joke or two in the mix. The weekly show kept us glued to their Facebook page as the host Lady Tshawe kept bringing to our screens, familiar faces that we could relate to. However it was not for more than 5 episodes and the audience were left hanging in the dryers as the show cut off without any explanation. We would love it to come back and reclaim the throne of Bulawayo Facebook broadcasting.


2. Jam Sessions
We’ll leave this one here because it makes us emotional. Jam sessions were the biggest most happening thing in Bulawayo at that time and we still feel robbed off the experiences. 2 YEARS LATER AND WE ARE STILL WAITING.


3. Thatha Wena
This Bulawayo Arts Awards nominated show was one of the freshest programmes on ZBC in 2017 the swag, the set up and the quality of the show were par excellent. When season 1 of the show ended we could not wait for the next season as promised for 2018. However with only a month before the year ends, we are still waiting for the show. Gilmore Tee and Mbo Mahocs brought about the cosmopolitan, upmarket feel to local television and wherever they are we hope they know that the gap is still felt. Pity we are back to Tiriparwendo as we await for Season 2 of the show as PROMISED


4. KwaNtuthu Arts
This is one publication we respect as an institution and would love to see it come back to give out good Bulawayo content. KwaNtuthu Arts is one of the few publications that really celebrate and reflect on Bulawayo Art in a captivating manner. We wish for them to return back into the game. They are great for our online media sector’s competitiveness. Come back soon brothers, we miss you.


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5. The Arthur Evans Show
Like Thatha Wena, the Arthur Evans show disappeared on us when we were celebrating the glory of a Zimbabwean high quality product airing on Zambezi Magic. The talk show was hosted and produced by television and radio personality Arthur Evans himself and it brought regionally acclaimed acts to our backyard, a first of its kind in a long time. We thought 2017 was a good year for the Bulawayo Arts Awards winning talk show, and so 2018 would be a perfectly strategic year to hit hard with a follow up season. All we know is that season 2 is on the books and we are keeping our eyes and ears open for the premiere date. With a few weeks before the year sums up, we doubt it is going to be this year though, so let us hope they deliver soon.


We hope 2019 is going to be a better year and the producers of these great works put in the work and revive what can easily be the new face of content production in Zimbabwe.