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Bulawayo To Host Miss Culture Pageant


Bulawayo will yet again hog the modelling events limelight as it is set to host the second edition of Miss Culture Bulawayo provincial finals on November 24 at the Homestead Conference Centre.
The pageant is set to bring life to the city which is known for its rich cultural heritage and artistic diversity.

Miss Culture 2018
Miss Culture 2018

Miss Culture Zimbabwe, which is headquartered in Bulawayo, was formed in August 2016, under the Miss Culture Trust banner. Miss Culture Bulawayo, a provincial edition of Miss Culture Zimbabwe is not just a cultural pageant in the traditional sense of the word, but a unique, prestigious and Afro centered movement that seeks to promote cultural appreciation, preservation and pride.

One of the organisers Jacqueline Mhlanga, whilst highlighting the objectives of the pageant said, “’The pageant is premised on promoting cultural pride and inclusion as well as celebrating cultural diversity. It is about what makes us who we are and afford women the space to define for themselves what it means to be beautiful culturally”

The organisers are also engaged in various partnership propositions with local corporates and individuals whom they hope will support the pageant and make it a major success.
Tickets to the event will go on sale soon in Bulawayo with a standard ticket set to go for $5, while the models table will be at $10 and the VIP at $20.

“Miss Culture will be an event of its own kind as we will showcase our culture, our City and celebrate our diversity. We have an exciting programme, lots of cultural displays, entertainment from renowned performers and so much more; we encourage everyone to attend this event’’ added Jacqueline Mhlanga.

20 contestants will run for the prestigious crown; evidence that the event is one of the most sought after pageants and has reached a class of its own.