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Comedy Web Series “Special Class” Goes Live

Comedy Web Series
Comedy Web Series "Special Class" Goes Live

Zimbabwean made comedy web series “Special Class” is finally out after weeks of video and picture teasers online.

The comedy series is created by award winning comedian Doc Vikela and College Central. The series stars the 2018 Simuka top comedy winner Ckhanyiso Dat Guy , Kadem The Comic,Lisa Gutu,Tinaye, and the ever hilarious actor Chati Butau popular for his role in the 2013 Enoch Chihombori film “Gringo Troublemaker”.

“Special Class” is a short comedy web series on the life story of 8 students in a class with their Mathematics teacher. Constable is the class monitor and is usually in a fight with Buju .Bhumba and Buju are the bad boys of the class with their names are always on the noise makers’ list.

Sarudzai is the queen of the class , Petronela is the entrepreneur always selling sweets in class. Rudo is the cry baby and she sits next to Tito captain of the football team who steals from her time to time .Then there is Rizla,the 62 year old student who went to  war and now wants to finish his studies. The class is led by the substitute Mathematics teacher Professor. The Class takes us take us on a comic journey of their life stories.

Check Out the first Episode of Special Class titled the first day.


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