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Lladyeef raps her way to the Zim Hip Hop Awards


This week we had the privilege of hosting one of the ladies in the Hip hop game Lladyeef (no pun intended). Born real name Faith Mavaza, the Hip Hop priestess has been paving her way in the male dominated genre and has done good by seeing herself as not only a female rapper but a lyrical prowess ready to tackle whoever is in her way to the top. With that attitude there is no doubt Zimbabwean Hip Hop is going in the right direction and Lladyeef will be in its history books.

U.C Welcome to the Urban Culxure House Lladyeef. Thank you for coming through we are so graced by your presence.

Lladyeef: Thank you for hosting me as well. I feel privileged to be here. It was my pleasure to come through and have a chat with the Urban Culxure Crew.

U.C What does Lladyeef mean?

Lladyeef:Lladyeef means a lady who doesn’t give an eef (laughs). This is what l usually say when people ask me about where my name came from, but originally its LLady standing for a female (Lady) and eef (F) from the first letter of my birth name “Faith” Mavaza.

U.C: When did you start rapping?

Lladyeef: 2016 is when l started rapping. I wasn’t a rapper initially I used to sing but then I fell in love with being a Femcee.

U.C: Who have been your greatest influences in the Hip Hop industry both locally and internationally?

Lladyeef:Internationally its Missy Eliot. she is one person I look up to. Her swag, lyrical flows and personality are just captivating to me.  Locally I am inspired by Lady Thug aka Sam or Thug.

U.C:How has being in a male dominated genre affected your craft?

Lladyeef:Being in a industry where only 10% of Femcees are active but usually less recognized its hard to breakthrough. However if you look at it from a different angle the negativity that comes along with it makes you stronger than usual.

U.C:ZimHipHop awards how are you feeling about them?

Lladyeef:I am excited about being nominated for Best Underground at the ZimHipHop Awards ,it shows that all the work l have been putting in is being noticed by the world and its all working out. l have to keep pushing and rising to the top. This is just motivation to do more.

U.C:Who are you going with? (Your Date)

Lladyeef:(Laughs) l have 2 people in mind however I am yet to ask them. People should not be surprised to see me come in with two dates to the awards. l can’t mention them at the moment but I am yet to ask.

U.C:Name your top 5 Byo rappers.

Lladyeef: Awa, Indigo Saint, Benny Jones, KBrizzy and Jilly The Black

U.C:List to us your work so far.

Lladyeef:I have a mixtape titled “Blessing” with which has 7 tracks in it. I featured Frost, Billail  and HpManyenga. I also have a new single titled  “Happysoul” ft Zizzi Azzazzi. Have a few singles from the past “Kasi Lami” and “Higher”.

U.C:Where do you see yourself in the Hip Hop scene 5yrs from now?

Lladyeef:Still in Zimbabwe, but my name bigger than it is now. God willing even gospel singers will be switching to Hip-Hop (laughs) that’s how l am going to touch hearts with my music.

U.C: Thank you again for dropping by, all the best in your nomination.

I appreciate it thank you for having me here as well. Dont forget to follow me on twitter @Llady_eef and soundcloud on https://soundcloud.com/faith-mavaza .