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Its Bigger Than Hip-Hop: Proof that the Culture is alive


The 28th of December proved that Hip Hop is alive as the genre’s culture convened at Elite 400 for the “Its Bigger Than Hip Hop” concert organised by Hip Hop guru Thorne Laroq.

The event was graced by Hip-Hop figures such as Floppy X, T1nda, Luminous, Kissmoney, Mc Chita, Cal_Vin, Guluva Se7en, Fish F. McSwagg, Lady Eef, Mzoe 7, M.U.S.E, 2 Dope, and Kingsville’s Orthodox Six to mention a few. Blak Awt was entertaining from the decks throughout the show.

The most outstanding feat of the concert was how the Hip Hop culture, lifestyle and community is alive. Despite the harsh economic and weather challenges managed to attract a sensible and supportive crowd. The euphoria also dispelled the notion that Hip Hop is one of the least listened to genres in the city as the young generation of Hip Hop enthusiasts rose to the occasion to push the culture and music to the world.

Female EmCee Llady Eef performed a freestyle that left most of her counterparts in awe and we anticipate seeing more of her in 2019. She is a  living example that gender equality exists in Hip Hop.

We hope to see “Its bigger than Hip Hop” turning into a three day festival that will attract acts from outside Bulawayo and Zimbabwe. Hip Hop being a lifestyle has a lot of facets to explore and one day (5-8hrs) is not enough to do so. A tip to corporates seeking to attract the “new school generation”, this concert is a pot of gold.

A big shout out to Thorne Laroq and his team for pushing a movement that will not only change the music culture, but also the social narrative of the city.