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“NEW YEAR, NEW ME”: How Many “New Yous” Do You Want To Become?


As you start a new year, take time to reflect on the previous year. Look at what you have achieved versus what you had set to achieve. Look at what hindered your achievements and what fostered it. Take time to set out what you thrive to do in the year 2019. Remember achievements are not measured by a scale of small or big. Achievements are still considered achievements no matter how big or small they are. Actually those who take it one step at a time usually achieve more as compared to those that usually set to take giant leaps and never execute. It is great to aim higher but it is even greater to aim at what you can achieve. Yes don’t limit yourself, the sky is the limit but feasibility and reality is important. Truthful understanding breeds realistic expectations.

Happy New Year

Have GOALS that develop you as an individual. If it does not develop you, or most importantly make you happy, then it’s not worth your time and energy. Being goal oriented is one skill most people lack in their lives. If you are not goal oriented you will fall for everything and anything. There is no such thing as “new year, new me”, it’s the same you, just a different year that needs altered reasoning. Like I mentioned before take time to reflect, only then will you know what you need to drop and what you need to cultivate. This “new year, new me” tendency is one thing that hinders our growth. Why? One may wonder. Well if every year you want to become a new person, how on earth do you develop from what you are? You keep developing a new character every 12 months and drop it when the year is over. Stick to who you are; know yourself. Remain you and just right the wrongs you made in the previous year.

Be the person you want your peers to see. Be a better version of yourself this year through reflecting and possessing guiding principles. 2018 has come and gone, it was both a challenging and amazing year. Only you know and understand what you went through, good or bad. Take all that as lessons; lessons that will guide you into 2019. If you failed on something, try again and again and again…. Remember God’s timing is always the best; don’t beat yourself up on what you could not control.

Forgive yourself and of cause forgive those who caused you pain. The issue about forgiveness is that if you don’t forgive, you will go around carrying the pain and it will kill you more than the person who hurt or disappointed you. Learn to accept apologies you were never given; it’s called maturity. Grudges are a disease, a cancer to be more precise.  It will eat you up and even kill you with depression. What you understand shapes what to expect, which in turn determines how you feel about things.

One person said; choose your friends better so that you can stop talking about who you are cutting off every year. Of course we do meet people along the way, and sometimes we can’t really tell their true intentions. We are humans and it is normal for deceit to be the order of the day. However when we realise that a person is not good for us we surely need to cut them off. The overall advice on this is to choose your friends better. Vet them first before you go a step further of allowing them into your circles and cut them off the moment you notice they are not healthy for your environment. You can’t afford to have two-faced people in your life and yes you can’t afford being two-faced yourself.

All the best in this continued journey. I pray it bring amazing memories, lessons and above all greatness to us as people and to the society as a whole.

My advice to you is; carry the serenity prayer with you in your heart, always, be it in good or bad situations.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Happy New Year!

With Love from the Venda Pride