Ubunandi siyazithandela. We go to church together, we love experimenting and experiencing stuff together, and the bottom line is we are best friends.

Love is a beautiful thing, but some say it hurts. At times it comes when we least expect it and goes when we think it is forever. Some times it can be hindered by race, tribe and religion but at times it conquers all that; for love knows no boundaries. Some say love works out easily if you have so much in common, while others say opposites attract well. I say, where is the fun in being the same? Where is the adventure in being alike? We ought to be different so that we learn to appreciate each other and ourselves in the process. Wait, I mentioned something about “love hurting” right? Well truth of the matter is there is no such thing as “love hurts”. Okay, let’s get something straight first, I am not a love expert I am only in my mid-20s, but I believe love is forever and it does not hurt as we all might portray it to. I believe we just don’t know how to handle it once it’s in our disposition. We tend to give it to the wrong people or individuals; or perhaps it’s the right person but wrong timing; or rather the right time, right person but wrong dosage.

Okay, now back to the basics love is about desisting from being selfish and coming to terms with the fact that it’s all about compromise. However, do not lose yourself in the process of trying to love someone forgetting that you need to love yourself as well. Last year, exactly on this day I did an interrogative article on Valentine’s day, “Is Valentine a culture or a feeling”, if you missed it check it out.

Valentines’ Day: A culture or a feeling. What’s your take?


This time around we are celebrating 14 years of love, a union that has seen and waltzed for 14 Valentine’s days. A love that started as a scouting talent show and ended up being an awesome love affair and later a blessed marriage. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the award nominee Mhondiwa Mhepo and Sithandazile Moyo, popularly known in the arts circles as ‘SaDEE and NaDEE’ respectively. The couple caught our attention when they posted their 10 year challenge picture and it trended on social media. As the UC team we so it perfect to celebrate these wonderful souls that have been a beacon of what true love is.

The couple met when NaDee was still at school and SaDee was part of Amakhosi theatre team which was scouting for talent at schools. He later invited her to Amakhosi where she was groomed in modelling, acting and a little bit of dance. When asked about this, SaDee had this to say, “Working at Amakhosi, talent grooming, I identified her at high school and I started off as her mentor (laughs).” One may wonder if it was love at first sight or the love grew as time went by; but it doesn’t matter because it worked out either way. Like any other ordinary couple, they have had their differences and chose working them out rather than letting go. They have been together for 14 years, of which they dated for 2 years before making their union official and legal. They have also “broken up once for 3 days” as SaDee would say. This is what they had to say about major setbacks they have encountered with family and friends;

NaDee: SaDee was known as my arts mentor, so my mum wazonda kakhulu ethi sasidlala ngaye when she discovered that he was soon to be umkhenyana.

SaDee: Sthandwa did not know I’m Shona. Her family had issues with Shona people and had openly told her Shona people were not welcome in their family. She only discovered the truth about my ethnicity the day I went to pay lobola. It was a challenge, but we negotiated. She was pregnant already. At the end of the day I won.

More on what the couple shared with us.

What is it that you love about your partner?

NaDee: Wooow l love him uyazi. He is kind, unginakekela ncwaa. l always come first in his life. We are best friends, we do all the crazy, craziest s*&t together.

SaDee: She is so honest to me, fun and loving. She considers my family and that’s all that matters.

When asked on how they feel about each other’s careers and how they balance love, work and family, it was clear enough that in as much as they ended up in different field, they appreciate and love each other to an extent of supporting each other’s dreams. They trust and support each other’s decisions and surely know where to draw the line, ‘My man loves his job as a photographer. He is a natural hustler ngeke silale singadlanga no matter what; plus we draw a line between work and family whilst carrying love into all the circles’, said NaDee.

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Besides the other being short tempered and reacting to every situation as they said, they have a lot in common, ‘ubunandi siyazithandela. We go to church together, we love experimenting and experiencing stuff together, bottom line is we are best friends.’ I believe them when they say they are best friends because I have seen them several times and of course some of you have seen them; they are our young, energetic, colorful couple. Theirs is a story that started by a talent search to expecting a child before even enquiring on who is who, to breaking up, to family tribal feuds, to negations, to the paying of lobola, the official marriage and a happy ever after. All that doesn’t matter now; so we can safely say we have our own Cinderella version in Bulawayo, a story of a photographer and a nurse. One captures the moments they share together and the other makes sure they stay healthy and happy.

We wish you guys many more years of love …………

ASIDE/BONUS NOTES; since the couple is very playful, we made them play a shoe game and below are the pictures that show the game results. (Sneaker represents SaDee and shoe represents NaDee)

1. Who loves the other more?


2. Who is the first to apologize in a fight?


3. Who wants to have the final say in an argument?


4. Who is a better cook?


5. Who tells the best jokes?


6. Who is the biggest baby?


7. Who dances and sings better?


8. Who was the one who made the relationship official?


9. Who spends the most?


10. Who eats healthier?


They got 7 correct and 3 wrong, but we still love them….