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5 Places You Cannot Take Your Loved One To This Valentine’s Day

#CulxureZw Valentines Day
#CulxureZw Valentines Day

Love is in the air once again!!!

Valentine’s day is coming up and while all of you guys are thinking, “Where should I take that special someone on the 14th?” We have decided to give you a rundown of 5 places that you CANNOT take your loved one this February.

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  1.  Centenary Park

Any other park in the world might do, but we need to be specific on this one the Centenary Park in Bulawayo is a no go area as it lacks all the romance. Its glory days have faded away. The place is now popular with “baseless” lovers looking to steal a little bite of the forbidden fruit.

2. Food Outlets

Valentine’s day should be a day for you and your loved one. Being at a food outlet/court that is frequented by a lot of people might not be a good idea for Valentines day. It might not give you that privacy/moment to celebrate love. It has worked for one famous couple though, we doubt it will work for all of us.

3. For A Movie…

Taking your Bae for a movie is something that should be a casual thing do not turn it into a special out-of-this-world outfit that will score you extra perks.

4. Tshisanyama

It is Valentines Day not Heroes day or Broski Day. Do not treat your other half the same way you would treat the guys. Braii meat and a beer are not the perfect Valentines menu for two love birds.

5. The Bar.

In the words of the infamous R. Kelly “dont take your girl to the club…. because Imma flirt with her he goin’to flirt with her…” A Bar is never the perfect place to take yo partner for a day like Valentines it just lacks that thing. The Loud Music and all the debauchery just kills the vibe.