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Queening on the Airwaves: Meet uNdlunkulu TKP


A week ago we celebrated World Radio Day, paying tribute to the voices that make our daily lives more entertained and informative. We could not help but give homage to one of the leading voices of morning radio.

This week we met with the Vuka Vuka Breakfast show’s TKP popularly known as uNdlunkulu. We had an awesome chat with her and got to see that the personality behind the studio mic is as bubbly in real life as it is on radio. She is our own city jewel and certainly proves the Queen in the “City of Kings and Queens” BAYETHE WENA WASENDLUNKULU!!!!!!!! 

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Hello Ndlunkulu. We are happy to be in your presence it has been a long time coming. Tell us more, who is TKP?

Hello Urban Culxure its good to hang out with you guys as well. Yes it has been a long time coming. TKP is Sandisiwe Dube, a very traditional & cultured woman. I’m a PK (Pastor’s Kid) so‍ that is where all this comes from. I went to quite a number of schools but I had fun at Amhlophe High school in Pumula where I did lots of public speaking. And so you guys know I’m scared of water; I can’t swim to save my life, literally. Another thingis that I dont like animals! (awkward right?) They scare the living daylights out of me.


Where did the name Ndlunkulu come from?

Its funny how it came about. A group of fans said to me;
“You have the potential to become the Queen of radio, like the main house, no questions asked” I then thought “hmmm uNdlunkulu?” The first time I said it out loud, everyone started calling me that. It became bigger than TKP so I was like oh hello! (laughs)


You are one of the leading female voices on the airwaves currently, where did you get your inspiration to venture into radio from?

I’ve always loved radio and honestly I thought it would be my retirement career but God had other plans for me and I’m loving it. I draw my inspiration from Bulawayo, as a city, as a people. Bayamangalisa abantu ba la, the love, the respect, the warmth, all of it is so overwhelming. I wake up everyday and think, “wow this is a beautiful city! I’m from Bulawayo and Bulawayo loves me”. I’m humbled by the response that I’m getting as a radio presenter. It’s overwhelming since all I did was just present myself as I am to the world and people loved me.


Did you ever think you would be a radio presenter when you were young, if not what did you want to become?

Growing up, I’ve always believed in myself. My mom and my young brother have always been my hype people. I believed I’d be anything that I wanted to be and I’m yet to achieve all my dreams. I alwasy thought TV would come first. I would sit in front of a mirror & read “English news” (laughs). Of course it was all gibberish but that’s how I spent my afternoons in a small flat eMagwegwe. I still want to do TV and I’m working on something right now. However, I was always wanted a business woman and a part time designer when I was young. So you see, I wanted to be a lot of things when I was young.



Tell us about your career as a singer and actress how are/did these go?

Radio has kept me very busy for the past couple of years so I haven’t released a lot of music but my last single with DJ Colastraw did well. I guess working with big names has it’s perks (laughs). I’m working on a few acting gigs this year and I’m excited about those you should watch this space.


So tell us who is the lucky guy?

There’s no lucky guy. I’m single (giggles)


Any cows coming into the Dube kraal soon?

Hahaha NO!!!!!. No cows, at least not anytime soon.



Working at SkyzMetro; how has the journey been?

Wow, working at Skyz has been a ncahh thing. I’ve learnt a lot. I mean I worked my way from Graveyard to Mid morning to drivetime and now breakfast. So you can imagine the journey and all the things I have learnt along the way.


Skhonjwa or Bkay?

Hahaha they are both my friends so I can’t choose. They are both creative and just as amazing. Futhi they are both softies and sweethearts, so choosing issa no no!!.I actually think a show with the three of us featuring Master E on sport would be amazing balls.


If you were to host a dinner party where you have to invite 5 Bulawayo personalities; who are you calling?


1.Bubbles (Skhonjwa)
2. Master E
3. Bkay
4. Mss Pryde
5. Nongoma (from Stango & Nongoma)

Although they’ll probably be organising everything (laughs)



Eraser: Erase 2 things from your past.

Ahhhh!!! I’d say erase school but I need to be politically correct, so… nothing (laughs)


Your top 5 Bulawayo songs currentl

  1. TKP& Dj Colastraw – Stay With Me
  2. Khaya Lam- Msizkay
  3. Ngicela ikiss – Berita
  4. Uwindi womtshova- ma 9
  5. Chipo Tsodzo – Mawiza


Any upcoming projects?

A lot. I’m working on a few TV projects. New music, and my foundation, Uthando neNhlonipho Foundation, is one of my greatest projects and I’m humbled by the love I’ve received from people out there. We are putting girls in school, we are helping women in abusive relationships and other things that empower the girlchild. I’m very happy with the progress we are making and the Foundation in itself.



You have become an icon and are still rising. Any kind words to people who aspire to be like you?

They should do better. Start earlier, work harder, do much more achieve even more


Finish this statement for us. “In the next 5 years TKP will be….”

……alive……. Hopefully…… (laughs). Life is a gift afterall.



Life is the ultimate gift!!! Hopefully we will talk to you soon on bigger and better projects TKP thanks for chilling with us.

Thank you guys lets have this soon again. I had a great time!!!

So here you have it #CulxureZw fam!!! We are proud of TKP as we have had the privilege to watch her grow and blossom into radio royalty that she has become.

Pictures By Master Eli


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