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Crimson Skies EP not to be slept on; Gama makes his mark



With a lot of pop culture influenced hip hop taking over the airwaves here is one young rapper who has gone back to decipher the true elements of the genre. Following his first single I’m Good Now, Gama dropped his debut Crimson Skies EP project on the first day of March this year. It is with good authority to say the 23 year old Bulawayo born rapper, songwriter and producer comes into the game with no bars held as he matches up with his hunger lyrical prowess foot for foot.

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According to Gama, the title Crimson Skies serves as an allegory that portrays City of Bulawayo, his hometown. The colour crimson, particularly signifies the pain people are going through in Zimbabwe as a whole. This album is a canvas in which he expresses the struggles of the society in which he leaves in; a thing many rappers have neglected for the money, swag, sex and gun violence themes.

The conscience hard hitting yet laid back lyrics engraved in trap and RnB beats have become the signature sound of the Cottage 47 crew that houses the likes of Indigo Saint. It therefore comes as no surprise that the umbrella ambience of the Blunt EP replicates in Crimson Skies despite the thematic difference.

His landmark as a City of Kings rapper if easily identifiable in his linguistic deliverance as he uses his native language in between English rap verses. His use of language appeals to the up north hip hop enthusiasts popularly known in the western surbubs as ‘amanigga’.

The consistency through out the album is nothing short of impressive for a debut project. You can feel his mood and energy from Track 1 (Blackout) to the last track (Wings). The album was exclusively produced by Kid Cacci hence a lot of elements sound preserved throughout the EP.

If he did not know of the word negritude, now he does. Dark’n’Lovely is a thought out song that aims at celebrating the natural beauty of our black sisters. A must listen ton song that will be a fav with all the dark skinned ladies suffering from low self-esteem brought about by the negative comments of other people. On this issue I will close down with his words… Never mind your ethnicity, race is just a systematic breakdown of who is not in charge For years we have been taught to live different. we are just dark’n’lovely. Love the colour of your skin….

All in all this is an exceptional EP, no wonder why it took him 2 years to complete. From here we are confident this young rapper is going to be unstoppable in the next 3 years.

Release Date: 1 March 2019
Producer: Kid Cacci
Mixing Engineers: 69bpm
Executive Producers: Tafadzwa Mujacacci, Thabo Moyo,
Mzwakhiwe Ngwenya
Album is available on all major streaming platforms