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Mjox on becoming the new “Vuka Vuka” Breakfast Show co-host : “I never saw it coming”


Mjox and Khaya Drastic were last week announced as the new hosts of Bulawayo’s most listened radio show the Vuka Vuka Breakfast show, taking over from Babongile Sikhonjwa and TKP.

We recently caught up with Mjox popularly known as Mjokojoko and had a chat over a number of issues ranging from how he feels about his new role at Bulawayo’s leading commercial radio station, his hopes and how he will miss his popular late night show Ezasebusuku, which propelled him to dizzy heights as he discussed a number of controversial topics that made him a darling to many.

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Mjox tell us how do you feel about being the new co-host of the popular Vuka Vuka Breakfast show? 

I’m so excited to be joining the Breakfast team, I’ve listened to the program before and I never thought I will be the one to take over from Babo. The first few weeks will be difficult but working alongside Khaya Drastic will bring something magical. She has done  the breakfast show before so she will be my mentor.

How do you feel about taking over from Babongile Sikhonjwa? 

To be honest I’m sad and happy at the same time. He has been my inspiration from the days I started my musical journey with the group Street Niggaz 20 years ago,so taking over from him is a huge task. I hope I will fit in well remember he made the show something all Bulawayo natives will wake up to and have a good start to the day. Taking over from such a great man full of humor is a challenge.

Did you ever think you will one day be the Breakfast show co-host? 

(Laughs) Not even one day, I have always believed the late night show will be part of my routine as long as I work for Skyz Metro FM. I never saw this change coming, whenever I thought of Babo’s departure I never pictured myself as his possible replacement.

Mjox won’t you miss your late night show? 

I loved Ezasebusuku, I will miss all the craziness and the listeners I just hope the powers above me will give me at least one late night slot so I can connect with everyone who loved the show.

Vuka Vuka Breakfast Show
Vuka Vuka Breakfast Show

Any kind words to the Vuka Vuka Breakfast Show listeners? 

Keep on listening to the show give us a chance, we will fit in well to the void left by Babo and TKP. We will bring you a good show that you will all love. Keep on listening to the big 100.3 remember we are on air Monday -Friday from 6AM to 10AM.

Hopefully we will talk to you soon on other projects Mjox thanks for chilling with us all the best on the show.

Thank you guys for taking time to chat with me Rabatshu (laughs) 




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