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New Dance Festival Launched In Zimbabwe


Mafuwe International Festival of Dance has been launched in Zimbabwe. The new festival is set to advance, promote and celebrate the art and culture of dance.

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The dance festival will help develop the dance industry through cultural exchange programs,workshops and residences for artist of all levels and will conduct a two weeks residency for amateur dancers who will be selected through auditions.

The festival is set to be hosted in Harare and will run from the 16th to the 18th of August 2019 under the theme invisible boundaries. 

The festival takes its name from “Fuwa” a word spoken by the Bantu people which means to be rich or well-off. Mafuwe is also a traditional dance usually performed during celebrations and rain making ceremonies in Mozambique and some parts of Zimbabwe.

“We envision a colorful event, one that the human bodies will tell various artistic stories through multiple dance genres”, said one of the festival organisers.

“We at MIFD encourage solo acts, dance companies and troupes whose works communicate positive messages, whose works invoke dialogue, edutaining productions, thought-provoking, all in relation to our theme”, added the organisers.

The festival is being organised by award winning Rwanda based Zimbabwean choreographer Brian Geza, award winning dramaturge, director, and producer Cindy Jaenicke  and Plot Mhako, Germany based promoter, journalist and founder of Jibilika arts organisation.

The call for international participants has opened and closes on the 30th of April 2019.

To apply visit www.mafuwefestival.org.zw