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The Sound of Zimbabwean Hip Hop is in safe Hands with The Ndaramu Trap King

Fish F McSwagg

The say diamonds are found in the rough; well the dusty streets of Nketa 9 were never ready for this diamond that is one of their own. Popularly known as Fish to his friends and collegues, Fish F Mc Swagg has been fast catching the attention of many hip hop enthusiasts with his fresh yet different beats and style of rapping.

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What started off as your usual hip-hop sound in 2013 when he picked the mic has transitioned into Ndaramu trap, a genre which he coined himself and has been cultivating since 2017. “Ndaramu” standing for his own definition of how he connects with his Sotho, Shona and Ndebele roots and Trap –a term used in modern hip-hop music which is characterised
by heavy 808s amongst other things.

Fish F McSwagg
Fish F McSwagg

Ndaramu Trap is a fusion of African musical elements and urban culture hence the name “Ndaramu Trap.” It is undoubtable that he then fits the title of Ndaramu trap King.

Fish F McSwagg is no stranger to the stage he has  performed at the 2016 annual Intwasa festival and Skyz Metro’s first year anniversary bash. He has also shared the stage with dancehall heavy weight Winky D at DELTA’S gold blend giveaway

The musician/songwriter/vocal producer has worked with a plethora of both established and upcoming artistes such as Albert Nyathi, hip hop artist Asaph, T1nda, Beav City and fellow label mates Benny Jones and Tha Dawg to mention a few.

Fish F McSwagg is currently working on his debut album (Oceans of Ndaramu Trap to be released later on this year). He already has four singles under his belt which have been well received nationwide, namely Lona, Maqondana, Bomb Roar and
Mbali Yam’. His first music video for Mbali Yam’ directed by Mthabisi Onias (Onvi TV) is readily available. He recently released Ethulini was only recently released on radio and the video is the works.


Fish is greatly inspired by his natural surroundings, the society and community he grew up in, his own life experiences and of those around him.  Albert Nyathi is also a great inspiration to him considering how the legend has managed to forge a successful mainstream career for himself whilst staying true to his own roots. He’s also a great admirer of South African musician Sjava and hopes to one day work with him on what he believes
would be a once in a lifetime experience.

With his music, the 25 year old hopes to bridge the gap between the young and old and the numerous tribes in the country.The aim of the music is to take it worldwide and hopefully inspire both young people and old to feel proud of who they are and where they are from. “My music is meant to promote love, to change the perspectives of people who think being proud of one’s Zimbabwean(African) roots is not cool, my greatest inspiration is love, love for oneself, love for one another” 

Ubuntu freestyle video 2018


Confession (sjava cover video) 2018


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