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Where is Clive Chigubhu?

Clive Chigubhu (photo cred; Mgcini Nyoni)

As we celebrate Umahlekisa at 6 today we got to remenisce about how far comedy in Bulawayo has come. It was not long before we mentioned one big name in the comedy industry; Clive Chigubhu. We however we all looked at each other after the question “Where is Clive?” was asked.


Clive Chigubhu

The big time stand up comedian has been too quiet for our liking. We have not heard from him since early last year when he did his “Asante Sana” show. Let us pray he did not mean the goodbye for real.

We miss him and wish to see him back in the groove of things. We assume he is busy with daddy duties but Bulawayo comedy still needs him.