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Zimbabwean poet part of the multinational list of columnists for new African poetry blog

Tinashe Tafirenyika Picture by KB Mpofu
Tinashe Tafirenyika Picture by KB Mpofu

It seems the sky is the limit for the multi-award-winning poet Tinashe Tafirenyika as she continues to soar to greater heights. Tinashe has recently become part of an African poetry blogging establishment called Konya Shamsrumi. The news of the newest members came via an announcement on the Konya Shamsrumi platform. Tinashe is part of the five columnist-bloggers added to the family, with other members coming from Switzerland (1), Uganda (1) and Nigeria (2).

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“We at Konya Shamsrumi are excited to announce that five new columnist-bloggers are joining us from four different countries.
Our new columnist-bloggers are Tinashe Tafirenyika from Zimbabwe, who is the youngest person to win the National Arts Merit Award in 2017. She did a double bill and won again in 2018……”, reads the announcement.

Named in honour of legendary Persian poet, Jalaludeen Rumi, Konya Shamsrumi is an innovative new traditional publisher of the best poetry from across Africa with a team of diverse professionals banded together for one purpose—producing great poetry collections and chapbooks. The platform was founded by poetry aficionados who are poets in their own right and were tired of the limited spaces for publishing poetry.

The poets decided to found the KSR Collective and also set up the Konya Shamsrumi Press which is the publishing wing of the organisation. They are located in Lagos Nigeria.

We are interested in exceptional verse from African poets which capture the African reality in all its nuance and detail. We want full collections, chapbooks and bloggers too–anyone who wishes to share their work. We have great faith in the very best of the emerging crop of African writers, children of the digital revolution and heirs to socio-political upheavals. Konya Shamsrumi is your platform. reads their website profile.

When called for a comment, the evidently excited poetess said; “I am honored to be a part of Konya Shamsrumi . It’s a brave new world and there is a genuine hunger for African narratives out there. I am glad to add my own piece to what I’m sure will be a beautiful tapestry. My fellow Columnists are amazing writers and I look forward to the stories that will be shared and I hope our audience will connect with our stories”.

We wish our Bulawayo Queen all the best in her poetic journey and pray that she flies our flag high up in the sky with pride.


Konya Shamsrumi Announces Tafirenyika, Anena, Grieder, Gatawa and Sabuke as Columnists

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