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2019 Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards: Here Are Some of the Nominations We Would Love To See

MJ Sings Picture By Mgcini Nyoni
MJ Sings Picture By Mgcini Nyoni

Close your eyes and roll the dice, its Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards time. On Saturday the road to this year’s prestigious award night gets to another level. The organisers will introduce us to this year’s nominees, we will all get a chance to know who will be running for the big one come June 29.

Bulawayo Arts Awards Nominees Reveal
Bulawayo Arts Awards Nominees Reveal

We could spend this time predicting whether Mgcini Nyoni will get another nomination that will propel him to yet another award victory for the third time in a row. It’s much more fun to look at the contenders who might get overlooked by the adjudicators but score a nomination here. However, until the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards nominees are announced on Saturday evening, here are some of the nominations we would love to see…

Music Awards

1. Vuyo Brown for Oustanding Gospel Act

Talking of young gospel artists the name Vuyo Brown cannot go ignored. Her latest album “Grace Fulfilled” has been doing well in most radio channels and has been topping gospel chart shows. We have our fingers tightly crossed that she gets the love she deserves in the Gospel category.

2. Djembe Monks for Outstanding Alternative or Outstanding House

Bantu Migrant the latest 12 track album by the Djembe Monks deserves a nomination in either of the two categories. Not having a nomination for the “Monks” latest work will be a complete let down for Bulawayo music. In fact, if it is not nominated here, expect it to be top of our list for Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards snubs. Bantu Migrant their latest offering was released late last year and features a host of talented musicians from the city among them Mzoe 7, Willis Wataffi and Mimie Tarukwana.

3. Murphy Cubic and Godwin “Smallz” Ndlovu for Outstanding Music Producer

So many names to list on this one, but we will choose those two for now. It is for the first time that music producers will be honoured at the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards and we are excited about it. Besides the obvious names that have been doing production for a number of musicians, it will also be good to have Murphy and Smallz. Slowly these two have taken over the city considering their work from the past year.

The hard-hitting Isilwane album by Hwabaratty is another Smallz production. Murphy, on the other hand, has been working with most up and coming musicians and has produced songs for the likes of Mimie Tarukwana, Thuts Rodney,Mzoe 7 and Mc Chita.

4. Lee Mchoney, Mimie Tarukwana and Novuyo Seagirl for the Outstanding Female Artist

This is one category that we will be waiting for; there was no other year the 3 musicians shined. Mimie with her banging Khetha, Novuyo with the banging A.E.I.O.U and Lee with Uthando and her collabo with dancer Joe Cole which got them a Star FM music award nomination will be perfect on this category. They all did the most in the past year. It will also be refreshing to have new and younger nominees in this category.

5. George Masarira for the Outstanding Visual Artist

Can George Masarira land his first award nomination? We’re banking on it mainly for two reasons. First, his work in the past year has been outstanding it talked to everyone who has a love for the visual arts, secondly not only did we get a glimpse of his work locally he took his craft to South Africa for an exhibition he charmed the neighboring country. He is one artist we are crossing our fingers and toes for, we hope the adjudicators will do the lords work. We hope he gets that recognition it will go a long way in support of the amazing work he is doing.

6. Vusumuzi “MarkVusani “ Ndlovu and Sharon Sibindi for Outstanding Arts Journalist Across Board

Catchy Ndebele headlines MarkVusani has made reading the music reviews section on Umthunywa worth it. For this reason, he deserves a Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards nod, on the other hand, we have Sharon Sibindi one outstanding female journalists in Bulawayo. Her role in arts journalism should not be ignored as she has been consistent and deserves a brush with the awards this year.

7. Chik Aljoy and Nceku for Outstanding Comedian

This one will be another interesting category this year, so many names that many will wish for, but as the adage goes many are called but few are chosen. Chik Aljoy has been doing the most in South Africa not many have seen him locally but has his work is just but outstanding. It will also be exciting to have the adjudicators add his name on the Outstanding Ambassador based in SA, he surely deserves it the past year was just good for the young man. This category will not be complete without Nceku from creatively done Social media comedy skits to a fully packed one-man show which saw him blend his set with a bit of music He deserves his name on this year’s outstanding comedian lists.

8. Empress Primmy for Outstanding Fashion Designer /House

From dressing some of the 2018 Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards nominees and some of the guests to having some of her stylish designs being worn by the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe contestant Empress Primmy should have her name embedded in the Outstanding Fashion designer/house category. We hope she will manage to slip in and probably take the award home, she so deserves.

9. MJ Sings for Outstanding Newcomer across all genres

From an outstanding album which can probably find its way in one of the music categories, to an amazing online show Pillow Show, he has had an amazing year that deserves a nomination.