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Retail Reimagined, Estolo Online Set To Transform Your Visits To The Supermarket In Just A Click

Estolo Online
Estolo Online

Technology has forever changed the world we live in. We are online, in one way or another, all day long. Our phones and computers have become reflections of our personalities, our interests, and our identities.

They hold much that is important to us, talking of how technology has made life easier Estolo has made shopping a great experience in the comfort of your home without hustling and queuing, with Estolo the future is cartless and you may never step foot in a grocery store again.

Estolo Online
Estolo Online

In an interview with Thubelihle Silandu, the representative of the organisation said this is a new easy way of shopping. A new wave of shopping for groceries which saves time and can be done in your PJ’s from the couch.

estolo.co.zw is a new and exciting way for people to do all their Shopping. You simply place your order from our wide range of products and we take care of the rest,” said Silandu.

“The idea came about from love and the inspiration to do something for the nation in the mind on a quest not just to make a profit but ultimately improve your lifestyle and ease your shopping experience”

As some maybe not well versed on it is used he explained how it is used.

“Buying through our website is unproblematic you go on your mobile phone to estolo.co.zw or www.estolo.online and add products to your cart, we guarantee delivery within 24-48 hrs maximum and in some areas, we do same-day deliveries,” he said.

The primary mandate is to ease queues in shops as one can buy at the comfort of their homes.

“Estolo eases queues, a lot of headaches and stress in that no more do you have to worry about this activity which takes up most of our time, now you can leave it all to us and you have more time at your hands to spend with your family and do other productive work,” said Silandu.

As they move to a digital economy driven by e-commerce they are targeting to take over Africa as they are already an international brand.

“We are a global brand, it is functional in Australia, we are looking to serve in the UK and soon America, and at present, we are working with businesses and technological manufactures and companies in the Asian continent. Without a doubt we are taking over the African continent and certainty the whole world as we move more into a digital economy driven by e-commerce,” he said.

At the near future, we will be opening a couple of physical shops around the country very shortly, but our operations at the moment are primarily online, this is in line with Estolo.online and it will be running under Mkhonto Media Production Pvt Ltd.