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EXCLUSIVE : Desire Moyoxide Talks About Victory Siyanqoba’s First Ever Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards Nomination

Victory Siyanqoba
Victory Siyanqoba

Conversations of contemporary art and heritage in Bulawayo are incomplete without any hashing of Victory Siyanqoba. Born in the dusty residence yet creative spaces of the city whose chimneys are ever puffing (at least memory accounts), the performance arts group’ indelible prints on the edutainment scene are hard to ignore.

As the 3rd edition of the annual Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards approaches, we managed to have a brief conversation with Victory Siyanqoba director Desire Moyoxide, about the groups first ever #RBAA nominations for Outstanding theatre actress, director, production, poet and community engagement.

Congratulations, Victory Siyanqoba on your nomination, how do you feel about being nominated for the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards? 

THANK YOU!!! It’s overwhelming. We are overjoyed and celebrating the 5 nominations, being nominated five times in three genres is a sign of excellence. We are so happy and praying that our efforts get an extra milestone by winning all the five awards.

Do you guys personally believe that you deserve to win all the five awards you are nominated in and why?

We deserve all the awards, we have no excuses in not winning the peoples awards for the meaningful work we have contributed to the sector.

Since there can only be one winner in each category if for any reason, you do not win what kind of overall impact will it have on your career? 

Winning is a bonus, we have already achieved our goals for the 2018 theatre season. With all the impact and transformation we have done, we are ready to accept the judges decisions and congratulate one or two will snitch off the awards within our bag. Above all when we hit the ground, we shall bounce higher. If we won’t, we will be at the zenith of success and impossible to ever fail again.

In brief tell us about Victory and its works? 

Victory Siyanqoba Multi-Stage Arts International is the mother of Victory Siyanqoba Trust which together, have had tremendous impact to grassroots urban and rural communities in Matabeleland and beyond.

We use theatre to educate, enlighten, entertain and provoke citizens to meaningful participation in national decision making processes.

We are best known for leaving no stone unturned. Professionally, we are an institution which no man can control.

We envision a society where artistic Freedoms are uncensored and where people can grow to become what they envision without any restrictions from those who abuse and disrespect the rights of everyone.

Lastly finish this sentence : Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards matter because…

Despite their right to adjudicate and measure, they celebrate what Bulawayo is, they celebrate who we are and help many to realise who and what they are and celebrate with them the discovery.