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“My Friend or Homeboy” Mzoe7 Caught In Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards Voting Dilemma

Mzoe 7 Picture By Mgcini Nyoni
Mzoe 7 Picture By Mgcini Nyoni

It is award voting season in Bulawayo and art enthusiasts are all voting for their favorite artists and acts to scoop awards at this year’s Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards.

Some of the nominees have experienced headaches in getting votes for themselves; a fate that has not spared the voting public, who have also failed to make solid decisions on who to vote for.

Musician Mzoe7 has also found the voting field tough as it is hard for him to vote in the Best Kwaito, Gqom, House act category.

“Mawiza is from  Entumbane, the hood I represent. He has the roots and aspirations of the hood that nurtured me. I have always celebrated Mawiza for his talent and dedication to the industry, not just because he is from Entumbane. He is a “Mr Cool” who stays in his lane but delivers dope rhymes and punchlines, in his songs.”

“Skaiva, on the other hand, is the person l started music with, we are critics of each other’s works and have even moved from being best friends to become brothers. Skaiva’s productions are on point, purely talented and exportable. He has been putting too much work and clean music out there,” he said.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with some categories.

“I’m not sure what qualities were looked  at in the nomination process. Of course in some categories, I feel some people were left out but maybe they also didn’t submit,” he said.

The awards slated for June 29 at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) hall 4.