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Naughty Queen Opens Entertainment Company, Set To Host All White Party For VIPs


VIPs ONLY will be the exclusive invite for the All White Party set to be hosted at a Secret location on August 2 in Bulawayo. The event is being organised by dancer and Zimbabwe’s self proclaimed queen of gqom Naughty Queen through her newly established entertainment company Rainbow-Reigns.

Naughty Queen
Naughty Queen

The new company is set to create an arena for upcoming artists and will hosts shows all over Zimbabwe. “The company will focus mainly on hosting events around Zimbabwe, promoting young local artists, and will also deal with depression and all forms of abuse, we want to help citizens deal with all issues around sexual, physical and emotional abuse,” said Naughty Queen.

The musician is currently managing a group of dancers called illegal girls and the crew is making waves in the entertainment circles.

Asked on how she will juggle between her music career and being a manager she said. “I’m not leaving my singing career, but I will be focusing more on managing young artists.” 

Naughty Queen who previously used the stage name Samza in the show buzz rose to stardom with the hit song Ndod’yomnikazi in 2017. Previously she worked with multi-award winning dance troupe IYASA before a stint as a dancer for Sandra Ndebele.

Check Out Naughty Queen’s Song below