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A Toast To Sobriety : Cal Vin Quits Booze, As He Blames the “Wise Waters“ For Misdemeanor

Cal Vin Picture by FMG
Cal Vin Picture by FMG

Multi-award-winning rapper and producer Cal Vin has claimed to have turned his back on alcohol. The musician made this confirmation in a twitter thread posted earlier this morning.Dat Luveve Boy hopes that Sunday, July 7 was his last day that he had a brush with the wise waters.

The Banjalo Abantu hit-maker blamed alcohol for keeping him broke and bringing him negative vibes that have ruined his relationships with a number of people.

It is not the first time Cal Vin has quit alcohol; in 2018 he took a break but found himself back in the habit 30 days later. This time I am not looking back I want to restore my glory days. I want to press that reset button on my career and restore all broken relationships cause its really easy to drink your life away. Read a tweet posted by the rapper.

Speaking to Urban Culxure, Cal Vin said he hopes with alcohol not being part of his life, his career might take a different direction as he hopes to achieve more.

Today is his day 1 and we wonder if this habit will die or he might be back at it after a few weeks, or worse few days, if it was not for a few hours.

We wish him the best in his path to being a sober being!