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Annual August Rush 2 Is Back And Promises To Be Biggger And Better


The second edition of the Annual August Rush is back this year and this time it promises to be bigger and better.

The event which took place at Rainbow Elite 400 last year is set to take place at the same venue on the 10th of August 2019, with a boosted line-up that includes Mambo hit-maker Asaph, K Brizzy, Vic Jita, Indigo Saint, 2 Yung, J. Dumza and Fish F. McSwagg to mention a few. This year’s line-up will also include more females as Lee McHoney, Blaq Diva Quin, CMK and Mimmie Tarukwana take center stage.

According to the event coordinator Gardner Chisoro this initiative was born to give artists a platform where they can perform and showcase their talent to their target audience. In his statement Chisoro said;

Many artists in Bulawayo have recorded and released brilliant music in the city. Most of these are young upcoming artists that have blazed the radio charts and their music has been a sensation to the listeners’ ears courtesy of local radio stations that have been set up in the city. On the contrary, artists’ have however been lacking exposure in the form of shows, where they are able to expose and grow their skills due to lack of promoters amongst other things. This has been a hope-stealing constraint that has demotivated artists and is hugely affecting the Bulawayo music industry negatively.

The Annual August Rush was proposed to divorce the mentality of artists in ending the lifespan of their songs through releasing their music and solely feeding it to radio. It seeks to bridge the gap between the music circle and its potential fans. Artists get to closely interact with people who listen to the radio shows playing their music.

The goal of this event is to grow and eventually expose Bulawayo artistes to the local and international authentic fan base. It also intends to create a modern Bulawayo musical culture as there is a serious lack of music festivals in the city.

Last year the show managed to pull a crowd of over 400 young music fans through grapevine publicity. However, there is still a huge gap between the average citizen and the Bulawayo entertainers, therefore the need for them to go all out.

While at the Annual August Rush expect performances from Super-Geeks and Whin Quins as the event seeks to incorporate more dance crews into the Hip-Hop culture. Your host for the day will be none other than Hip hop star, T1nda. Keep your calendars open for the 10th of August.