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Is It Really Necessary To Have Something To Look Forward To?


Have you ever noticed how some people have a million things they want to achieve in a given 24 hours, but each day they go to bed feeling empty and thinking it was not really worth chasing.

Some have a load of things to look forward to each day, whilst on the other hand, you have those that have none. We have to acknowledge that we all have different vision boards for our lives; whilst some are full of hope, others have definitely lost it. It is okay, that is life as we know it. Today I have decided to narrow down to 6 things for those that feel they do not have anything to look forward to for you.

NB: This is in no particular order.



1. A new start (Righting the wrongs of yesterday)

Each day represents a new start in your life. Okay, it might seem like a continuation of your ordinary life but as they say “life is a cycle.” We wake up, live in the moment and go back to sleep; over and over again this becomes a routine. In actual sense, the cycle has a beginning and an end recurrently. This means that each day is a chance for you to start all over again.

This is your chance to right all the wrongs you did yesterday; it is a chance to learn from yesterday’s mistake. Let us not blame ourselves and hold on to the past but rather learn to hit the reset button and start over. You do not have to necessarily start afresh but rather make the much-needed alterations in your life. Each day gives us room to fully express ourselves better than yesterday. If it did not work out yesterday, it simply means push harder today.

2. Making a difference in your life (be it major or minor).

Making a difference in your life starts with a positive mind. Have a productive conversation with yourself and be true to yourself in all aspects. Where necessary,  make the much-needed changes. If there is something you are doing well, then kudos to you. However, if there are things you are not doing correctly, be the bigger person and take a step to fix them; be the bigger person, it is only right.

Make a difference in your life, be it through your attitude, mindset, daily routine, health, religion, and love life (you know best). The difference I am talking about should not have to be visible to the entire world all the time; it should only be to your world. Your attitude gives you inner peace, that’s what matters.


3. Putting a smile on someone’s face

When you are able to brighten someone’s day, do so. Okay, do not make it a mandate but try to make it a culture. I always come across a saying that reads, ‘you have no idea what the other person is going through’. So yes, you never know how the little things you do for the next person has an impact in their lives (when I am talking about doing things, I am not necessarily talking about giving money and all the material stuff, but if you have it spare some for those in need of it).
What I am referring to is the attitude you exude towards others. That ear and hand you can lend, that comforting hug, the sound advice and beautiful smile that you show; all these things can go a long way in making a change.

4. Heartache and disappointment

Things don’t always go as planned and that is okay. The sooner we learn that, the better we become at moving on. Every day we wake up and hope for the best, but we should always leave room for disappointment. I am not implying we become negative but we should always keep it registered somewhere in our minds that things can go either way, that is the way of life. So always look forward to the small things that may derail you from reaching your goal. Always have a way to deal with such things in case they pop up.

Heartache and disappointment aren’t about relationships only. Let us agree that there is more to life than boyfriend and girlfriend issues. Heartbreaks and disappointment can be encountered on all levels.


5. Being Thankful

Have a culture of being grateful for each and everything you receive. Be thankful to God, be thankful to yourself as an individual, and be thankful to the people around you, not forgetting the people you encounter on a daily basis. I was taught to be thankful for everything, no matter how small or unnecessary it may seem to the next person, what matters is. To me it is necessary and I should be grateful. Being thankful isn’t only limited to the good things that happen to us but also accepting the bad as part of life.
I believe in every bad comes out a good therefore we ought to be thankful for that. Being thankful again isn’t about thanking when only good things happen, be also being thankful for the things you have, the things you have not received yet (but have faith you will have). Always take time to thank God without asking for anything.

6. Dare yourself.

Yes, do the things you have never done before. Do something new every single day and you won’t regret it. You know yourself better; you know to what extremes you can dare yourself to. Read a book if you have never read any, watch a movie before you sleep if you have never done it before, take a bath before you sleep, pray, smile, visit a friend or relative, host a PJ party; just do something out of the ordinary Hey just do things you thought you will never do or things you were scared of doing before. Just a word of advice; make sure your dares are morally correct.

So to answer you; yes we ought to look forward to something each time as we wake up. IT IS NECESSARY!!!!! The moment you open your eyes in the morning, it becomes automatic that you are ready to face the world.

Sometimes you don’t feel like it but that is the reality. You need to look forward to something. Let it be defined because many times that is what spoils our day. We do not have a vision, we never leave room for distractions.

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