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The Voice Of Bulawayo News; Our VeryOwn Tafadzwa Mukome

Photo Cred: Master Eli

Many might recognise her voice but will not be able to put the beautiful face to it. Bulawayo wakes up to her on a daily basis, listening patiently as she channels the country and city’s current affairs into our stereos. No doubt she has taken over the news reading league with her sensual voice and her English that is so English, you would swear she was an Oxford grad. Off the airwaves, she is one of the bubbliest people to talk to. Vibrant interactive and exhilarating; her personality just makes you fall not only for the voice behind the microphone but also for the human being that she is.

Today we celebrate our very own NewsBae from SkyzMetro FM, Tafadzwa Mukome. We had the privilege to listen to her as she unfolded from the newsreader formal personality to the fun quirky Bulawayo girl that she is.


Photo cred: Impikitsha by Brighton


The Fun Bulawayo Girl

I’m a Bulawayo born and bred girl being the firstborn in a family of three. I was born May 7 (a true lady never reveals her real age), to my parents who were staying in Makokoba, eMadlela Flats to be exact. Most of my fondest childhood memories are based on my life in Bulawayo’s oldest suburb. I stayed there up to the age of six or seven and then moved to Nketa 9 before heading to West Sommerton, Dete, Victoria Falls and now finally back to Bulawayo (yes I know, I am a walking geographical map). Its been a rollercoaster ride but I finally came to settle down at home.

The NewsBae in me

I remember being the noisemaker at our house, I would gather reading material in the form of newspapers or anything, sit down and read out loud. Most of it was just imitations of newsreaders I saw on ZBC. My teachers at primary (Mckeurtan) and at Eveline High School also contributed to my love for reading because they always praised me for the eloquence (No I wasn’t a teacher’s pet).

Initially, I wanted to venture into public relations when I studied for my degree in Media Studies and Journalism and so I shelved the childhood reader in me, but then God had his own plans.


Photo Cred: Master Eli


Answering My Calling.

I stumbled upon the word that Fairtalk Communications was auditioning presenters for Breeze FM which is the sister station to Skyz Metro FM in Victoria Falls. It was by accident that I actually did because I had no idea the auditions were being conducted. Funny enough, I heard about it through a conversation I was having with a total stranger who had offered me a lift. As soon as  I dropped off from their car, I went straight to audition venue.
May 25 2015 marked the start of my journey with Fairtalk Communications but with Breeze FM as an aspiring news anchor. At some point whilst I was still at Breeze FM, my bosses decided to transfer me to Bulawayo in June 2017 thereby joining the award-winning radio station Skyz Metro FM. This move saw me saying bye to Breeze FM after going live for almost a year.


Skyz Metro my Family.

Every day at Skyz Metro FM is memorable and I truly appreciate the chance that has been presented for me to be part of this awesome family. I cherish the moments shared with the people I am currently working with and even those who have since left the station. The exposure and interaction I have had has brought with it a lot of maturity, exposure, and expertise in broadcasting and journalism.


Photo Cred: Mgcini Nyoni


Keeping It on Lock Down

It was and still is a nerve-wracking experience to go behind the mic and deliver what I am expected to (it is definitely not as easy as it sounds). For some reason, you can not get too comfortable and think you have become a pro at reading the news, especially when you read the names of people and places.


Being Taffy “the Voice for the voiceless”

As an individual, I want to bring about change in my society and that can only be achieved through advocacy. I aim to bring change and create awareness for various issues that affect us as women.

I am glad that last year in October when we were still working together, Patience Phiri asked me to be involved in a breast cancer awareness photo shoot. To me, that campaign with her and Janice Ncube was a wake-up call to go the extra mile and bring about change in issues that affect women on a daily basis. It’s sad that we have to lose at least one thousand four hundred women a year to cancer regardless of the type. I hope that this year our campaign can be bigger and better as we already have some women who have volunteered to be part of this great initiative.



Profession vs The Person

People think news anchors are serious people but I’m actually an outgoing person those close to me know (I won’t ask them to testify though they might reveal secrets LOL). Did I mention that I love handbags and shoes (thank God for the economy its a blessing in disguise)? And of course, am a God-fearing person; What is life without Him.


My Philosophy

My daily dose to get through the day is hoping that tomorrow is a new day with new beginnings and as such, I look forward to new dawns; those determine my next move. In other words, I don’t plan I just take every day as it comes.


Photo Cred: Master Eli


The Childhood reader that never died

I’m a book collector (if that even exists as a hobby) I love making collections, especially with sequels. I also write and have a couple of unpublished material that I feel am not yet ready to publish (I do not even know when I will be ready, but I hope that later on when my life begins at 40, something should have been published then).


It was an experience chatting to her and we could not help but share with you the joys of being around the voice of current news in Bulawayo.