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Tribal slurs Mar Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Bulawayo Celebrations

Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Bulawayo. Natasha Carol Gora flanked by 1st Princess Aulynda Mudzingwa and 2nd Princess Chipo Mandiudza

On Saturday night Natasha Carol Gora won the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Bulawayo pageant while Aulynda Mudzingwa and Chipo Mandiudza took the 1st and 2nd Princess respectively. However, celebrations were quickly thwarted when people went online to show their dissatisfaction on the current crop of Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Bulawayo winners.

The Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Bulawayo 2019 champagne bubbled down before the toast as some people were quick to highlight the absence of “Bulawayo” ladies in the pageant. The conversation on social media quickly turned into a regional tug of war with others questioning the credibility of the judging system and suspecting a political hand in the judging process while others continued to celebrate Gora for her achievement. The lack of Ndebele representation seemingly angered some social media users, who were expeditious in dismissing the event as regionally and tribally biased.


Good Samaritans were also quick to come to the rescue by defending the reigning Queen and also thumping down tribal attacks on her.


The issue of tribal turf has always been a socio-political and economic issue in the Zimbabwean landscape and the Arts and entertainment sector has not been spared from it as recently varying uproars concerning tribal turfs have taken place. Despite all of this, Bulawayo still remains the most diversified city in the country and the melting pot of multiculturalism as it inhabits a great number of tribal groups ranging from the Sotho to the Venda and Kalanga tribes to mention a few.

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