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Amany Tackles Mental Health With New Album,”State of Mind”


In May this year we were introduced to a new musical voice in form of Amany who burst to the limelight with the song Ngiyabonga’ which was a dedication to all the mothers and was officially released on Mothers Day.

On Thursday last week Amany released her debut album “State Of Mind” which focuses on mental health issues. In the album Amany calls upon youths to support one another as they fight against suicide.The singer  who has also struggled with depression and anxiety,highlighted that the album was released at perfect time as it also talks about suicidal prevention’s.

“I have encountered situations where people close to me committed suicide but no one is out there to address to the issue , thus music for me was the medium to use to express my concerns about the environment that we live in and to send out messages of hope to the youth “ ,he said.

Joining in the strong guest features on the album is award-winning rapper Cal Vin and Msizkay. Cal Vin features on the track Inkululeko which is described as a prayer to God to ask for freedom and divine intervention on the difficulties that youths are going through. Inkomo Zamalobolo hit maker Msizkay features on Not Alone together with Mandisa

The seven track album also has motivational songs for the youths to listen to like Impilo and Still Alive.On Zororo he calls out on the powers of the country to give young people a chance to be involved in the running of the country.

Amany said the album should motivate young people in Zimbabwe during this difficult time where many young people are jobless which often leads to stress.

This year the World Mental Health Day focused on suicide prevention as it is estimated that globally one person takes their life every 40 seconds and every year about 800 000 people die from suicide.

Mental health has become a problem which has been difficult to combat in Zimbabwe especially when relating to young people.

Listen to the album here: www.youtube.com/channel/UC-knjf7QzPPMioP7n7oUs0A