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Busi Ncube Acknowledges The Good Works Of Madlela Skhobokhobo & Awa.


After years in Norway, legendary musician Busi Ncube, finally showed her face in one of the most worthy experiences in the city’s charity and entertainment calendar. The “True Love” singer, formerly with Don Gumbo led Ilanga, made her appearance just before the curtain comes down to a successful year in the arts industry.

What was of particular interest was her appreciation of the good works Madlela Skhobokhobo and Awakhiwe have contributed towards the city’s music industry.

Busi Ncube at National Art Gallery in Bulawayo (Picture by SaDee Lenswork)

Busi Ncube encouraged upcoming artists to work hard and be passionate about their work. She stated that she has not been in touch with the Bulawayo arts industry for a while but she endorsed Madlela and Awa to be doing a great job.

“I am not in touch with Bulawayo music. The one that I can say I know is Madlela Sikhobokhobo. He is the one that sounds unique. There is also the rapper Awa, who is really doing great,” she said.Responding to Busi Ncube’s statement, Madlela on his social media account expressed gratitude towards the songstress.


Since his rise to fame in 2016, with his hit song “Ngamnanka” Madlela has continued to belt out other songs which include “Celebrate” featuring Themba Bhoyoyo Mokisi Connection. Madlela has also produced comedy skits that have enjoyed great acclaim beyond the Zimbabwean borders. German-based hip-hop sensation Awakhiwe has also raised the country’s flag all over Europe and continues being a female figure dominating the country’s music scene.


Madlela Picture By SaDee LenseWorks
Madlela Picture By SaDee LenseWorks


Awa (source :Internet)

Meanwhile, Busi Ncube is working on supporting the Bulawayo Art Gallery’s refurbishment and has been appointed as the International Ambassador for the fundraising campaign. The campaign is a precursor to a more elaborate effort which will involve the private sector in the future.

George Masarira, the chairperson of Visual artist Association of Bulawayo says the association finds it necessary to take part in the fundraising initiative by the gallery and thus they have also organized a silent auction whereby all the money gained will be donated to the gallery as the association’s contribution. “Ishmael Singo, Stanley Sibanda, Lawrence Ndlovu, Jeanette Johnson, Dumisani Ndlovu and I saw it possible to take part in mobilising funds to sponsor the gallery renovations “, he said. Resources required for the renovation include cement, crack filler, chipboards to mention a few.

Butholezwe Nyathi, the regional director of the Bulawayo Art Gallery’s tenure in Office seems to be breathing a new lease of life as he is also working on organizing a workshop for the upcoming artists in collaboration with Busi Ncube.