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3 Things Men Should Learn On International Men’s Day

Gospel Hip Hop Star T1nda
Gospel Hip Hop Star T1nda


Today we celebrate International Men’s Day, a day not as defined as International Women’s Day, but still worth a mention. This day serves to promote positive expressions of masculinity amongst the gents. With that being said we thought we should say a thing or 3 about what men should get out from this day.


It is high time we let go of the old saying REAL MEN DON’T CRY! We have been systematically taught not to cry as men because it shows our weakness. However, that ideology has raised broken, depressed and angry men who have failed to outwardly express how they feel at a certain point and time. Crying is totally okay; it teaches one to move on and let go. If she broke it off with you go and cry it out, you will feel better after you are done. Ever wondered why women are good at moving on? After a break-up, they are down for a few days and after that, they don’t want a shadow of you near them? That is because they let things out in sobs and move on after that, never looking back or giving you a second thought. Women don’t carry around baggage, we should learn from them.


Beating her up doesn’t make you a man!
One of the most archaic ways of thinking is that beating up your woman makes you a man and gives you control. This is one thing we need to denounce before the next century Women are not punching bags; if one feels the itch to beat up someone or something they should probably go for a sparring session with other boxers at the gym. No type of violence against a woman is justifiable. Most of us have lost our mothers, sisters, and aunts to domestic violence. If any woman is reading this; “My sister it starts with a slap on the chic, don’t think it’s going to end there”. Sooner or later that slap will turn into a fist or worse. Gents, please take action and say NO to violence against women.

“Drawing inspiration from the source”: T1nda and Wife on Wedding Day (source Facebook)

Do not be proud of being a dead beat Daddy
We have had it with hit and run fathers they bring nothing but confusion in this world. Most of us have been denied a stable family set-up because these guys who want to taste the cookie and disappear soon after. Let us thrive to be there for our kids and make an impactful contribution to our children’s upbringing. In all honesty, they can do better than when you are not there, but why should you take the risk of not getting to know your child.

“When Daddy Duties Call Answer” : T1nda with daughter doing chores (source Facebook)

Let us celebrate this day with the conscience of trying to make the world a better place for ourselves and those around us. Men also run this world, just not as better as women, but we will get there some day gents. For now its practice, practice, and more practice.

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