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5 Things You Need To Know About Caligraph


“The street is our gallery and we want to fill it with images that speak to people,our wish is to inspire and give positive vibes who see our murals everyday”, says Nyasha Jeche and Marcus Zvinavashe who make up the colourful Caligraph team.

In order for you to understand the initiative and the work they do, we decided to compile 5 things you should know about them.


1. We are a duo collective creative who paint and create work majoring in murals, graffiti and creative direction.

2. We are big on collaboration and storytelling an authentic African experience through a for us by us approach.

3.We are all for creating, repurposing spaces, beautifying, engaging with communities , educating through our media.

4. We are barely 2 years old and Caligraph was founded in 2017.

5.Our belief and approach to our work is to #letlovelead, for in that mindset life changing and impactful work flows.