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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mlue Jay

Mlue Jay
Mlue Jay

Zimbabwean born Hip Hop Artist and song writer continues to take the hip hop scene by storm with his catchy works. A week ago the South African based musician dropped a new song titled Shooter. 

In 2017 he gained popularity after collaborating with one of South Africa’s prominent kwaito musicians Smallz of the Money Maker fame

Here are 5 more awesome things you should know about Mlue Jay.

1. When he started doing music he was part of a Hip-Hop group Lv5 Entertainment which was based in Luveve 5. According to the members of the crew he was the wackest rapper, although he is the only one still involved in music to date.

2. Mlue won his first award with the mix-tape “Picture Paint” as the best Diaspora act at the 2018 Changamire Hip Hop Festival.

3. Mlue Jay is the last born and the only boy in a family of 6.

4. He doesn’t  have any tattoos and is not thinking of getting any.

5. He opened a company called YeahWeLit Entertainment and signed himself as the only artist under the stable.

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