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MJ Sings’ “Ngisizeni” : An Anthem For GVB And We Stan!!!!


This is not music review this is a reflection of an ordinary guy’s thoughts. After listening to “Ngisizeni” by MJ Sings everything around me stopped for a few seconds. I threw away the pen and paper and went  on a different path than I had initially wanted to. Flashbacks of past events that had never really meant a thing to me came back rushing. I started to think about how many people I could have saved through standing up for them when they were down-trodden than wacthing and not wanting to get involved.


Before I go far, here is MJ Sings’ Story.

“I had an interesting heartfelt conversation a few months back with a lady who is a survivor of rape and abuse. She opened up about how scared she had been to tell the world about what she had through, when she finally did, instead of getting support, she was treated as if it was her fault. The perpetrator became the victim, because of his stature, people did not believe he could have done what she said he did. This got me worried and had me thinking about how many victims have bottled in their pain, in fear of discrimination from loved ones and society at large.
We live in a society where women are punching bags, where homosexuals are titled as a disgrace and mockery, where men are not allowed to open up on their feelings. All this can change if each and every one of us played our part”.


Now here is MY STORY:

I recall one incident when two of my friends and I were coming from a good night out in town. On our way home we came across a couple who were apparently in a scuffle. The lady telling her partner to leave alone as he was violently grabbing her by the wrist but the guy would not budge. My squad got torn apart in this matter as one of the guys quickly went in to defend the lady whilst me and the other guy decided we wouldn’t get involved in other people’s affairs. After my friend broke off the fight and threatened to run over the guy (with his fist) we went our way. Along the way, we gave him one hell of a hard time about what if he had gotten stabbed or worse shot by the guy. He was outnumbered and became the bad guy.

Fast forward to today… I wonder if we should tell him that he did the right thing. With him stepping in, maybe he prevented a bodybag issue, maybe that was the last time the lady’s husband/boyfriend ever hit her, maybe she realised the power of saying ‘DONT’, and left him soon after that… I guess we will know. But for that moment should we tell him he was the hero and us the sidekicks of the villain by “Not Wanting to Get Involved” whilst the lady was crying out for help.

Ngisizeni (which is a cry for help), a Murphy Cubic produced track, is based on a true story and has been released to tie in with 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. I have no doubt we can all relate to it. I personally love the sound, the voice, and backings but I won’t talk much about it because these might cloud the message behind the song.

MJ Sings WE STAN with your fight against GBV!!! Salute

For those that have not heard the song Here it is. Please give the fella some feedback on his Twitter page @iammjsings


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