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Vera to the World!!!; As she collaborates on a smasher.


We first fell in love with her when she appeared at Intwasa’s Women Wine and Words in 2017. Her charisma and captivating voice left many craving to hear more of her. Her performance together with Masa’s debut appearance sealed the deal for us at the 2018 edition of the same show. The name Vera has been buzzing in the Zimbabwean airwaves for a while now and we were quick to pick up her latest collaborating on a single with Daynjr, Kojo and Mr. Rebel titled ‘I like my Body‘.

The single which was released a month ago together with a music video celebrates being black and proud and being self-conscious of your body (an aspect many of us fight with every single day). The Ells Pics produced video features vibrant melanin popping humans throughout, as the visuals transcend between Zimbabwe and Kenya. This makes it more Afropolitan and relatable to your ordinary fellow anywhere around the continent and we loved it.

The song brings together a diverse range of musicians as Kojo is an American singer but based in Kenya, Daynjr is Zimbabwean based in the United Kingdom and the UAE whilst our very own Vera is based in Harare together with Mr. Rebel. This song is not short of being called an international collaboration.

‘I like my body’ has enjoyed airplay in Uganda and Kenya and is currently doing its rounds on our national airwaves.  The beat is Daynjr’s production and protrudes of calypso and pop fusions making it sound funky and definitely a dance-to beat.

If you have not checked it out yet, take your time to do so. It is also available on Spotify and iTunes.