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Bulawayo City Council Suspends “Khothama” Flea Maket In A Bid To Curb Covid-19 Spread


The Bulawayo City Council has announced a number of measures that they will be undertaking in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the city.

Announcing the interventions against the pandemic, the city mayor, Councillor Solomon Mguni said the closure of the flea market, situated near Revenue Hall, was in line with the Government’s directive on social distancing.

He said while council was aware that the flea market provided a source of revenue for the city’s informal traders, it also increased the residents’ vulnerability to the virus considering the large numbers that congregated at the stalls.

Clr Mguni also advised residents that it has limited the number of mourners at the city’s cemeteries to 30, while grave backfilling will now only be done by council staff.

“As per the Government of Zimbabwe proclamation, the city reiterates that there be limitations of attendees at gatherings such as churches, funerals, weddings and meetings to less than 50 people. We discourage gathering and appeal to residents to minimise congregating.

“The city will be working with the informal traders for a reduction of vending stalls at the markets such as Fifth Avenue in line with the social distancing recommendation of at least one metre apart, shops are required to make limitations to the number of customers inside a shop at any given time, observe social distancing and they are required to make provision of sanitation facilities at each entrance,” said Clr Mguni.

Relating to the transport sector, the mayor said they will be engaging them to reduce their fleet, number of passengers per given time and also to provide sanitation equipment in all their vehicles and offices and display prevention measures.

“Bulawayo City Council will be scaling up Health and Hygiene education programmes to all stakeholders which include informal traders, travellers, shop operators and transporters.

Bulawayo is yet to record  a coronavirus case.